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Thread: Hand pain from cold water (I think)

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    Hand pain from cold water (I think)

    I volunteered with my HOA to take care of the community pool (with the help from a pool service). This is my first fall. The leaves are really coming down. I am getting constant dull hand pain (which feels like I jammed all my fingers). I assumed the pain was because I kept sticking my hand in the cold water so I bought gloves to remedy that. My question is how long before this pain goes away. I hope I have not caused permanent damage. Anybody else have this problem? Or is my guess way off base? Thanks, Crystal

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    Re: Hand pain from cold water (I think)

    I would say go see a doctor if it persists for more than a day. I have worked in our water down to 55 degrees with 30's air temp and it is cold and my hands get tingly feeling but it goes away within an hour.

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    Re: Hand pain from cold water (I think)

    I got to thinking that I am not used to skimming so many leafs. My fingers could also be tender from the movement. We have one of those really big leaf nets so it's extra heavy. Probably takes me 15 minutes to get them all out.

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    Re: Hand pain from cold water (I think)

    If your water is getting down to the 40s I would say that could happen. In the cold, my joints get stiff and feel a little pain. Also skin can become dry and create a sensitive to the touch feeling which hurts.usually what fixes me up is to just warm them up and lotion, with a touch of ibuprofen. That is how my hands work, but every body is different to how it reacts to conditions.

    But if warming up doesn't work then I would see a doctor, it could be a sign of something else.

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    Re: Hand pain from cold water (I think)

    Thank you so much! My hands were defiantly overworked from cleaning the leafs. My husband took over for a couple of days and they feel better. I tried to delete my post but couldn't figure out how.

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