I've got my self-built vinyl pool up and running, but have not installed the slide or deck jets yet. I'd appreciate suggestions on how to configure these items.

I've got a 2" return line running from my equipment pad to a remote location where it will split for the slide and deck jets. The valves will be in a valve box. There is also an a 2" line, from this remote spot, that runs to a return fitting on the wall of the pool. This was going to be a bypass line for the water features because I originally planned on using seperate pumps for filtration and features. Probably not needed with a single pump, as the normal returns will do the same thing. The slide and jets take about 20 GPM each.

Now, this is all pretty straightforward, except that I've got an Intelliflo VF, but do not want to sink $2k+ into an Intellitouch or Easytouch system to control everything. (The Suntouch turns the pump into a less capable variable speed.) Also, I'd like to figure out a way to make the water features interlock with the automatic cover so that it would be impossible to empty the pool out onto the top of the cover. (Those crazy kids! ) I'm considering buying the Intellicomm, and using physical switches to control the pump flow and valve position. I'm just not sure how this might be done, or the best way to plumb everything.

Starting with the plumbing first, I was going to put a 3-way in the return manifold (at the equipment pad) so that I could select pool, water features, or both. Then, at the remote location, another 3-way would control the flow to either the deck jets, the slide, or both. This could all be controlled manually of course, and might be until I figure out some homebrew automation. But if anyone thinks I'd be better off using 2-way valves, let me know. I'm sure there's a few ways to skin this cat.

In my mind it's the remote control via actuators of the valves and the cover interlock that makes it complicated (fun!). A perfectly acceptable way to control everything would be via switches right inside the door of my poolhouse. I can imagine switches (or a knob) labeled "SLIDE", "JETS", "BOTH", and "OFF". Turning on any water feature would increase the flow of the Intelliflo via the Intellicomm. The whole works would be interlocked with the cover so that neither feature could be turned on unless the cover was open (it has a position sensing switch) and the cover could not be closed unless the water features were turned off.

I'm very interested in any ideas. I may not understand how everything is supposed to work, and I'm sorry for the long post and imcomplete info. I thought I'd throw it out there and see what some of the gurus had to say. If pics or a drawing would help, I can probably post some.

Thanks, Ponz. (First time pool owner.)