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Thread: Algae or not ?

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    Algae or not ?

    I really didn't expect my first post on here to be about algae!! We got our pool the beginning of this summer. I spent all spring reading and reading the site to learn as much as I could. We're doing the BBB method and it's been great.

    A couple weeks ago my chlorine use went up a LOT. We slammed the pool due to over night chlorine loss and combined chlorine. The water never was NOT clear. Chlorine has never dropped below the minimum level for the CYA. Now we have this on the bottom of the pool? I'm not sure if it's algae or if its dust and pollen. I did overnight chlorine loss last night and it was less than 1ppm. I'm planning to repeat the test tonight to double check. I've been trying to maintain the target level or a little above as much as possible just to make sure.

    Current test results :
    CYA: 40
    TA : 90

    The stuff doesn't appear to be on any of the walls of the pool, only on the bottom. It doesn't get worse or better in the shade vs sun. The water is perfect besides this 'stuff' at the bottom of the pool. It's a very light brownish - yellow color. It dissolves or disappears anytime we try to touch it. I can try to get some more photos if it would help.

    I'm completely prepared to SLAM again if it's needed, I'm just not completely sure that it is?

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    Re: Algae or not ?

    Welcome to tfp, paigenicole0289

    It could be, I would do a Overnight Chlorine Loss Test (OCLT) to find out. See:

    What are you using for you test results?
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    Re: Algae or not ?

    That's dead algae. Hold your FC up right about where it is or just a point or two higher and brush the stuff up into a cloud each morning. Vacuum the pool when you can.

    It should be gone in just a few days.
    Dave S.
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