Hello, just had temperature sensor replaced when opening up pool to get hayward heater operating. According to the manual the temperature sensor can be calibrated. Right now the panel temp readout is 5 degrees higher than the actual pool temp. Following the instructions in the manual after running the pool for 15 minutes I push the program button then the spa heat source button set the temp to actual pool temp push spa heat source button again then program button to end. When I first push the spa heat source button the temp is shown with an adj1 after it. As soon as I set the actual temp and push the heat source button it goes back to the original reading I don't even get to push program to end as the manual says. In fact, when I push the program button it goes back into program mode! Am I doing something out of order, should I put the pool in service mode? I don't want to start guessing. The panel does go into the calibration mode I am thinking because of the temp with the adj1 next to it, but it just does not keep the setting. Sorry for the long post but I am hoping someone will be able to tell if I am missing a step that I do not see in the manual. Thank you for any help or suggestions!