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Thread: POP is beginning to fade!!!

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    POP is beginning to fade!!!

    Hey guys i've been a BBB pool owner since i got my pool almost 3 years ago. I have read and paid attention to most of all the posts and all has been well. WEELLL, this year I am having a problem that I can't seem to get on top of. I kind of let things go this winter and decided that I needed to get things cleaned up while the temps were still cool and save myself some headache doing it with warm temps on the way. To set the stage in the fall to get to the point I'm at now, no pool cover, pecan and oak trees, and I lower the water and drain the filter and pump so i don't have to run them this winter. Well now you see the stage set for the disaster.

    I have been running shock levels and the pump for going on 4 weeks now and still have a green pool. It is a lot better but I am at a point of diminishing returns on my labor. Things are a lot better but not clear and sparkly like I am used to.

    Algae killed off my cya and it is showing up as "0".
    Chlorine level is 10 and holds pretty well on cloudy days.
    Alk = 80
    Ph = 7.6
    water temp=50

    Recap: I have been at this routine for almost 4 weeks. I am having to yo-yo shock levels because of tests I have. I have added a lb and 1/2 of stabilizer. I also have worked my alk up and ph from initial startup where they were low. I know i need to add more stabilizer but I'm concerned about the cold water and the test not being accurate.

    I am beginning to think that I might have introduced metals into my water thru my city water system because when I go back to shock level things get worse instead of better. We changed our city water provider last year and the water is noticeably different in terms of taste and smell. I also have some staining of the steps that I thought was algae but I am not sure now with what I have going on. I have never used anything but bbb and Polyquat to treat this pool.

    Questions; What would you do? Check for metals? How? Or am I just dreaming this is the problem. I do know that the first thing I need to do is get the TF100!!!!!
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    1 1/2 lbs of stabalizer would only increase the CYA level by 7 in 25,000 gallons. That is low enough that you will still lose most of your chlorine over the course of a day. You need to get the CYA level up to something reasonable, preferably somewhere around 40. If the water is at all murky, which it generally is with algae, the CYA test will read high. You can partially compensate for this by running the sample through a coffee filter before doing the test. If the water is cold you need to bring the water up to room temperature before doing the CYA test or it will read low.

    If you suspect metal stains you need to keep tight control over the PH, try to keep PH below 7.6 to prevent the stains from spreading. One simple test for metal stains is to crush some vitamin C tablets and put the powder in a sock, then rub the sock gently on a stained area for 30 seconds. If the stain changes color or lightens noticeably then they are metal stains. If the stain remains the same it is probably not metals (though you can't be completely sure either way if it remains the same).

    The key to killing algae is frequent additions of chlorine to shock level, at least twice a day and preferably much more frequently than that. To know what shock level is you need to know your CYA level. And if you CYA level is too low you will lose all the chlorine to sunlight and the algae will have an easy time coming back. If you do have a metals problem shocking can make it worse. You can minimize this by getting the PH to between 7.0 and 7.2 before shocking.
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    Not 100% probability but close, the chances are you're not using enough chlorine. Since you don't yet test for CYA, dose enough in there to get to 40.....if you go over or under by a little bit, it won't hurt.

    Next (or simultaneously) get your pH down into the range Jason mentioned above. Should take just one dose of muriatic if you use his calculator.

    Last, being able to spend some time with your pool, start shocking with lots of chlorine on hand. Dose up to 20ppm (it'll start to go down immediately) just before sundown and then test early next AM and bring it right back to 20ppm.

    Now, here's what will clear your pool......Don't stop dosing with the Chlorine 'til your pool is clear. Run the pump 24/7, backwash if necessary and keep your chlorine at that high level by testing and dosing just as often as you can. It may take a while, but the more consistant you are with replenishing your chlorine, the quicker your pool will clear.

    I do know that the first thing I need to do is get the TF100!!!!!
    those kind words bring tears of joy to my eyes!!

    You can do this w/o an FAS/DPD chlorine test or a CYA test but it is a real PITA. The kit will make your life a little easier now and all summer long.
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    I don't see this mentioned above, but have you scooped the tree debris off the bottom? If you have a lot of stuff in there, it will be nigh impossible to get your water cleared up.

    Use your leaf rake, even if you are scooping blind, and get those pecans outtta there!!

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    Thanks guys,

    In the back of my mind I am sure this is algae and I know what will kill it. The problem is that it seems to get worse after I shock and that has not been my experience in the past. I know that I need to raise the stabilizer but i have several things working against me for an accurate reading(murky 50-55 degree water). I closed last year at between 20 and 30 on cya. Any drop would have taken me off the chart. I also lowered my ph last week to 6.8 just to make sure i am not color-blind.. My pool apparently loves to stay at 7.6 or something. I figured this would also help the chlorine fight the algae and it also would let me get my alk up from the 40's.

    I think i would have already saved enough money to buy a kit just from the bleach bill the last few weeks. This yo-yo deal stinks even with the water at 55 degrees. I can't even imagine what it would be like at 80-90 degree water temps.

    Thanks again guys and i will try some more shocking along with working on the cya and acquisition of a tf kit. Looks like a busy week. I will report back soon with success.......HOPEFULLY
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