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Thread: 3 things that will make our pool WONDERFUL next year!!

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    3 things that will make our pool WONDERFUL next year!!

    1-Pool heater......we only have the sun on the pool from about 8-2 everyday and even with really hot temps this summer the pool was not warm enough (I like it about 84-86) consistently enough to really be enjoyed. Plus it is still hot here (80's) but the pool is FREEZING. I sure would like to be able to swim even year we will! The guy at the pool store said what I wanted was a big jacuzzi...........yep.

    2-Automatic vacuum that actually works..... I got sick of fighting with mine but I'd LOVE to be able to have a cleaner pool without me having to actually clean it everytime!

    I am sooo sick of this stuff. Been fighting it since July when we went on vaca. I thought I had gotten rid of it several times but it always comes back.
    This last time I was determined to get it gone. I did all the right things (kept my CL level at the right amount etc) and finally had NO drops in chlorine for 3 days straight. Plus it looked like the dead algae had settled in little spots around the pool. (looked different....almost fluffy and darker...the mustard is yellow and looks more "stuck" in swirls around the bottom of the pool). Decided to keep my chlorine level higher on a regular basis than before (around 5-7ppm) just in case. Been on top of it and the darn stuff is back.
    It is all over the bottom of the pool again. Even though the stuff brushes away easily with your foot it is a PAIN to vacuum up. It covers basically the entire bottom of the pool and I have to go over different spots several times to get it all the way up. Takes me about an hour or more to do....and a crinked neck.

    I'm soo sick of it I just want to put a cover on it and forget it. ARGH. Seriously, the water is too cold to swim(79-80) and I'm just over it. But I'm sure that will be nice when I open it up next year.

    I have a bottle of some type of algaecide I got from the pool store at the beginning of the season before I started BBB. I was supposed to put some in every other week or something. Can I use that? How much? The whole bottle??!! I really don't know what else to do. I've had so many bottles of clorox going out of here it is ridiculous.

    Please help me. I'm at my wits end with this stuff.
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    First post of all, post your numbers especially the CYA. That determines if you have the correct amount of chlorine to fight the algea. Being your first year of BBB, if you were using trichlor pucks your CYA might be high.

    Getting heat into your pool is a great thing. We live in FL and this being our first year we thought anything above 84F would be suffice. Turns out our comfort level is determined by the wind and outside temp. We have had the pool at 88F at one point and the water felt cold due to the wind. I just bought a pool cover to see id I can get 5-10F more out of my pool the next couple of years until we can save up for solar heating.

    BTW, I started out using BBB and no algea and I haven't shocked once since I've had the pool in 5 months. I have kept my CL around 3-5 and CYA at 40. So far, BBB rocks!

    Good Luck
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    Mustard algae can be persistent. Often it finds a hiding place, inside the ladders, behind a light fixture, etc, and hides out there while the pool is being shocked and then comes right back when the FC goes down. Shock levels of FC for days and a through brushing will usually take care of it, but it is easy to not be quite through enough with the brushing. The next time you are shocking the pool, search out all the places it might hide, particuarly places with bad circulation, and clean them out throughly.
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