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Thread: Sand Filter - Laterals Moved Up???

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    Sand Filter - Laterals Moved Up???

    I had the Hayward S166T sand filter installed at the start of the summer 3 years ago for an above ground pool.

    It recently started putting dirt back into the pool as soon as I started to vacuum. I pulled the filter apart to replace the sand and found the laterals sitting on top of the sand and the center pipe so far up the valve body connection that when I pulled it apart I found the top 3 inches split/crushed. (I have pictures if anyone wants to see them.)

    The question I have is was this mis-assembled by the installer? Or can the laterals "walk" up the
    sand by some manner?

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    Ex tex, the wieght of the sand should keep everything ~ in place has anything else happened? I'd love to see the pics

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    Waste -

    Thanks for the reply. This is my first pool (Second hand). We live right next to a Kansas wheat field so we vacuum a lot. Other than an algae bloom the first winter, and replacing some components due to it being used, nothing strange that I can think of.

    Pictures are attached. (Possibly in reverser order - my first post with pictures)

    In searching for a replacement part I found that they do not sell the center-pipe by itself - only with the laterals. The pipe is glued in.

    Since it has the same OD as 2" PVC I decided to do a Back-Yard repair. I have the upper coupler located right below the inlet to the valve in the hope that the coupler cannot go into the valve without breaking something. Just in case whatever caused it to walk up happens again. Also, the thicker PVC I am sure would not split like the thinner pipe did. My only worry is if it starts to walk up again it could split the lower pipe and then I would have to get a new lateral assembly.

    I am about to go install. Will let you know how it works.
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