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Thread: Pool Safety Advice

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    Pool Safety Advice

    I would like to get any advice on safe practices, tools, products that you veterans use on a regular basis. Recently, we had a wake-up call. While my wife and 2 yr oldwere at the pool, the 2 yr old fell in the deep end (doesn't swim yet). She was flailing about with her head just below the water and my wife quickly got to her and held her up. Very scary moment for the both of them. We luckily had just taught her how to hold her breath underwater and she actually did a good job when she fell in. After discussing the ramifications of this we have decided a few things:

    -the little one will always wear her pfd when at the pool (until she can swim)
    -always have a phone out at the pool (for 911, the phone was NOT out during this incident)
    -my wife and teenage daughter will take CPR courses (I'm already certified)
    -we are getting a pool alarm and an extra fence (aluminum/wrought iron type) that closes off the pool inside our privacy fence
    -we already have extra latches (high) on all the doors leading outside

    Any suggestions, tips, etc. on pool safety with or without young kids will be greatly appreciated.

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    the extra safety fence is the biggest, thing, when we were house shoping, my wife and kids wanted a pool and i said no way, but when a wife wants somthing they want somthingm so they found a house with a double fence, a 9 foot wood fence around the whole back yard and a white safty fence afound the pool with latches, so only my oldest son 20 and wife can get in to it. also we have a camera wired to all the tvs, so if the alarm goes off they all automaticly switch to the camera.

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    Hi Dave
    Its scarry to get a wake up call Thank God you were there. That is the most important thing is to be there always. My daughter is three and can swim the length of the pool. but not without me at arms reach. She doesnt like this but I feel this is important. I saw a 2 year old climb out of a donut float (the ones with the holes for a child legs) she was stuck face down and feet up on the float. I will not have these in my pool any more they are unsafe. She was ok but it scarred me terrible. Do all you can to keep the kids out but above all you must be with them at all times watching. I have read you can teach them to swim but they wont understand to save them selfs till there about 6.
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    Don't forget access to the pool area via windows.

    We just had 2 children found in their backyard pool. They had drug and stacked stuff so they could reach and get out a window to the back yard.

    I think one of the most important things people don't do is to sit their kids down and tell them the rules and why they are never to go to the pool without Mom or Dad. In my experience with my children, I've even been able to reason with them as young as 2 year old.

    ...and then, never let your guard down. Kids have been known to figure out how to unlatch gates, drag toys over to stand on to get over the fence or reach a latch, dig a hole under the fence, squeeze through a gap.

    It only takes a couple of teaspoons of water to drown - remember that. We had a toddler drown a year or so ago - she fell head first into a bucket of mop water - grandma was on the phone or otherwise engaged when it happened. Who would ever think of that?

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    We are getting a mesh safety fence around our pool. Our county requires a 4 foot fence with self latching gates, which we already have, and the mesh fence will just be another barrier.

    Also, once the PB is done and I know he will not be coming by anymore, we will be locking the fence gates. I've got my eye on the self latching magnetic locks perhaps in the future, but for now padlocks will have to do.

    My two youngest at 4 started swim lessons this summer and can now swim the length of the pool on their own. One of the first things she taught them is the 'safety jump' where they have to jump in, turn around, swim to and grab the side, without any help. We switched swim instructors mid year, and it really paid off. Practice has also paid off well, since our pools been filled, they have gone from barely swimming to jumping in and diving down to get toypedos and rings.

    I already had to lay down the rules with our soon to be 6 year old. No pretending to be downing and no screaming 'help' while playing around.
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    I agree that beyond the fences and alarms, it is imperative to explain the rules, starting with children never going to the pool alone, or without one of the adults knowing that they are going. Each child should know just what to do if and when something bad happens.

    Oh yeah - and make sure that you tell them that if you catch them dragging the trampoline over next to the pool, you'll ban them from both.
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    I bought a great cordless phone that can also be used as a walkie-talkie or baby monitor--great for having out by the pool. It's a Uniden TRU 9485-2 and comes with two handsets, expandable up to 8. (I found a waterproof Uniden handset but I'm not sure it is compatible with the phone I've bought.)

    Since we now have a teenager in our household, we've been working out some pool safety rules. The new phone should be very helpful. Mainly the rules are, no swimming alone, and groups of under-18's must have the phone out at the pool and an adult on the premises.

    Of course you'd want more than just a phone/monitor for young children, but for teens I think it will be really helpful.

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    If you have children and ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A POOL!!!!!! take a CPR course!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can tell you from experience that just 'knowing that you know what to do' will allow you to handle a possible drowning without 'freaking out" (oh yeah, when you've got a kid in the pool facedown, you freak - but knowing what to do lets you put that aside while you save the kid - and then you start shaking ) (matter of fact, it was 15 years ago today that I rescued and recesusitated that 7 year old girl ... )

    Having a 'shepherds hook' on it's own pole is a good idea -- it let's you pull the victim to the edge where you can get them on the deck and start administering CPR. The quicker you can start CPR, the better the chance of saving the drownee and the less chance of permanent damage having been done.

    Gates, alarms and phones are excellent, but knowing what to do when all else fails is IMO the most important!!
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