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Thread: CYA - Myth or could it be?

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    CYA - Myth or could it be?

    New to this board but not to pool ownership. Was pool stored in the beginning but have since seen the light.

    I used to use trichlor and back in the day, ran into the infamous high CYA issues so often discussed here. I've always been told that the only way to "economically" reduce CYA levels is to drain and replace a portion of the water.

    Well, the other day I was in a pool store and overheard an employee discussing high CYA with a customer.
    Customer says: "guess I need to drain and replace"

    Employee says: "not until daytime highs drop below 80 degrees or you risk plaster damage"

    BUT THEN employee adds: "you could try siphoning or pumping off the top since most of the CYA is in the top few inches of the water when the pump isn't circulating"

    I've heard this sort of thing from other pool stores and pool maintenance guys over the years and I wonder, could it actually be true or just another urban pool legend?

    I tried measuring CYA in samples in my pool from different depths and could not discern any meaningful differences so I think the answer is myth, but to the chemistry gurus, is there any scientific justification to what theses "pool pros" assert?

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    Re: CYA - Myth or could it be?

    Quote Originally Posted by BYAO
    I've always been told that the only way to "economically" reduce CYA levels is to drain and replace a portion of the water.
    Just an FYI, a alternative to drain and refill is Mobile Reverse Osmosis (Puripool Process) if it is available in your area.

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    Re: CYA - Myth or could it be?

    just another urban pool legend?
    Yep!! It mixes in your pool just like chlorine, acid, etc. Usually those urban legends have some degree of logic behind them but I don't think one does.
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    Re: CYA - Myth or could it be?

    Oh fooey - for a couple minutes I had my hopes up
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    Re: CYA - Myth or could it be?

    You might try the simultaneous drain/refill procedure described here, to avoid exposing the plaster:

    As long as where you pull water from is "as far as possible" from where you're adding water, and you can keep the rates balanced, it oughta work.
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    Re: CYA - Myth or could it be?

    Keep in mind that cold water sinks and warm water rises, in case your fill water is warmer or cooler than your pool.

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