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Thread: Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

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    Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

    I love this site and will be sending in my appreciation! This site has been invaluable in learning about my pool.

    Hi, my name's Dave and I'm a pool newbie

    I have a Goldline Controls/Hayward Aqua Plus PL-Plus Automation and Chlorination control and it's throwing an error of "Water Sensor Short Circuit"

    The manual is not helpful.

    I searched TFP and I'm looking for help on where to start (not necessarily an answer )

    Where do I start in diagnosing the short, finding it, and what normally to do? For instance, is this a case where there is a part to be replaced or is it more like - clear the short and see if it comes back?

    Thanks for any tips to get me started.
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    Re: Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

    Hi Dave and welcome
    Hope you find a solution shortly....
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

    Thanks so much!

    I just found the water sensor location. It looks like it's right after the pump. I'm thinking my first step after work (besides checking back here!) is to take it apart, follow the wire to the control box, and see if there is anything obviously wrong.
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    Re: Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

    I tool everything off last night and found the water sense was tightened down too tight and cracked.

    I heard Jaime Hyneman from Mythbusters in my head saying, "there's your problem..."

    The drag is that I could not replace the sensor as the crack turned to pieces. So now I have a hole in the system that I need to patch until a new sensor comes in. Off to get a temporary clamp.

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    Re: Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

    Dave, this thread might be useful in getting a replacement sensor:

    Good luck,
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    Re: Pool Newbie - Water Sensor

    Thank you so much!

    Much has transpired today.

    While putting a temporary patch on the water-sensor hole so I could at least get water moving, the patch burst and soaked the entire control panel. The panel said "Communications Error" and shut down.

    I flipped the breakers and pulled the cover, drying everything thoroughly.

    Six hours later, I just turned everything back on and the panel is dead. I have a call in to a local Hayward/Goldline distributor but haven't heard anything back.

    No water, no pool, no fun!

    Sigh. I'm beginning to regret putting in a pool.

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