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Thread: New here!

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    New here!

    Hi everyone!


    I'm located in Cleveland Ohio and I bought a real 18' (7600 gal) above-ground pool late last fall (which is all i have room for in my Cleveland yard!). I've owned those wallyworld pools in the past and got tired of dealing with them and the crappy filters they supply you with!.... The new pool has cartridge filter and 0.7HP motor but I'm not sure the flow rate... I also have an inline chlorinator that uses 3" discs. To be quite honest, I really have not spent much time loking over the filter specs at all... it came wit the pool and has been packed in the basement since I bought it.

    I broke ground last fall and "roughed in" the area for the pool in my yard. Well, that project got put on hold until spring with the Cleveland weather.....

    I recently got started back at it a couple weeks ago. I hand dug the yard (with a little tiller help) and it had a 13" grade
    Leveling the yard was a pain! I tried 2x4's with a level and line levels but neither seemed consistant. I ended up building a water level and it's now perfect.

    Long story short, the ground in NOW ready for pool assembly. I'm using tarps and a 3" sand base beneath the pool for protection. This weekend's weather forcast tells me that I'll be assembled and filling by Sunday.I'm guessing it's going to take a while to fill this baby especially sicne i'm using a garden hose....... keep your fingers crossed and I hope to have photos next week. If I do, that means it went well.

    Up until this week I really didnt put much thought into the chemicals but I did decide to go BBB like a lot of you here. I've been reading over the articles and found more information than I ever could have imagined (all in one place). I wanted to thank eveyone here for the support and for supplying this information for anyone needing it. Any input on chemicals/shock for the initial startup for this size pool?

    Thanks again and I hope to be a part of your forum.....


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    Re: New here!

    My best advice is to start with a decent kit to help guide you. When I got mine I tested the tap water for PH, TA and CH so I had an idea where I was starting from. Get all your stuff bought and ready, it will save you loads of time later. Good luck.
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    Re: New here!

    As you fill the pool dont be afraid to add at least some bleach to the fill water. New water can start to grow algea fairly quickly. Have some stabalizer on hand as well ,the dry form can take a while to disolve. Read over the topics in the pool school section, and dont be afraid to ask questions about anything.
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    Re: New here!

    Thanks for the heads up!

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