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Thread: Introducing myself...

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    Introducing myself...

    Wanted to introduce myself. I have been reading on this site for a couple of weeks now. Heard about because someone outside the pool store stopped my husband and told him to check it out. So glad he did, because it is so helpful.

    We are in the process of battling black algae. Started last saturday and have seen big improvements so far. Still appears that algae hasn't stopped growing as I seem to see spots that weren't there before but DH says I am crazy. Nevertheless, big improvement. I am planning on keeping water at normal shock level and continue to brush until I don't see any regrowth and then hold it at 6-10ppm for a while as per this site. I would also like to try adding Borates but figure that is best to do when I get done with the algae problem. I also appear to have metal staining most liking due to the black algae killer that the pool store has sold me. But since I have to drop FC to zero before using abscorbic acid I figure I am going to have to wait a while to tackle that.

    Here are my numbers since my test kit arrived. I was going at it kind of blind for the first several days but things look soooo much better already.

    April 29th - afternoon
    TA= couldn't get a reading
    Temp 72

    April 30th- haven't added any chlorine since morning of the 29th

    Water is very clear. Algae spots aren't obvious except to me.

    Not sure on accuracy of these numbers since I am new to this. Don't know why CH would be so high and TA seems a bit high. Not sure if the high FC can cause this. Also, not sure if I should wait until I drop FC down to normals levels before trying to adjust anything else.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself and all the great information. I am having a great time figuring it all out. Dh isn't so great at maintaining pool and since I am home I figure I should learn how to do.
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    Re: Introducing myself...

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: Introducing myself...

    Welcome to TFP!

    Don't worry about your CH and TA right now as you can deal with those once your pool is clear of algae. Remember to brush the algae LOTS and keep running that pump until you are finished shocking and your algae is gone.

    Your CH may be high from using calcium hypochlorite in the pool or your fill water may be high in calcium. The TA may be high from your fill water.

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    Re: Introducing myself...

    You have come to the right place.
    There are many knowledgeable people here who have "seen it all" and will be able to help you with whatever pool challenge you face.
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