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Thread: Removing the cell to clean it

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    Removing the cell to clean it

    This is a very basic question, but I want to be sure I don't make a big mess. When I remove the cell to clean it, won't water begin pouring out of the line from both sides? Should I just buy caps to put in both sides while the cell is removed? The instructions for cleaning the cell are everywhere, but there are no instructions for removing the cell. Thanks!

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    Re: Removing the cell to clean it

    In many situations you can just remove the cell and only a little water will come out. However, if your equipment is below the level of the pool water you do need to block the water flow so the pool does not drain out. There are various ways that might be done. Sometimes there are valves especially for that purpose. Sometimes you need to manually block the skimmer(s) and return(s).
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    Re: Removing the cell to clean it

    Thank you JasonLion. The equipment is above the pool and I can also close the valves on the pool side of the line. I suppose the water from the filter side will just have to pour out. I don't believe there is a valve between the cell and filter. Thanks again!

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    Re: Removing the cell to clean it

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    This is just one more reason I prefer a 6-way multiport on filters (of course not cart filters ) - the 'closed' function can be used in situations like this to seal both the suction side and also keep the filter tank from 1/2 emptying.
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    Re: Removing the cell to clean it

    make sure you turn off the pump when removing the cell

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    Re: Removing the cell to clean it

    Since there "SHOULD" be 12 inches of straight pipe before the cell, you have a little "play" in the PVC pipe. I usually take a piece of 2x4 and place under the pipe if is is laying flat on the ground. It will not prevent all the water from coming out but it will help. If the salt cell is suspended in air, then you can try and raise the filter side of the cell connection.

    Another helpful hint. If you do have a cartridge filter, do not open the air relief port on the top. That allows air to come in the filter and then it is "pushed" out the path of less resistance. Which is the open piece of PVC pipe that was connected to your salt cell. However if your cartridge filter has a 90 degree PVC fittings close to the connection at the "exit" side of the filter. You can sometimes, loosen that connection and turn the pipe upward, so the connection of the salt cell is above water level, that will help prevent water loss too.

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