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Thread: question about pump equipment for new pool build

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    question about pump equipment for new pool build

    Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster, finally building a pool.

    We just finished the gunite stage and the pool builder has installed the plumbing and equipment.

    The pool is 13500 gallons roughly, free form pool with 4 jet spa.
    2 inch plumbing, 2 skimmers, inline aquapure 1400 swg.

    Filter is Jandy CV 460
    max flow 150 gpm
    six hour capacity 54000
    max working pressure 50 psi
    normal startup pressure 6-15 psi

    The PB installed

    2 hp Jandy FloPro main pump to run 4 pool returns, 4 jet spa, 1 bubbler.
    1.5 hp Jandy FloPro pump for 3 ft wide sheer decent, 1 aerator.
    1 hp polaris booster pump for polaris 280 cleaner.

    I asked about the pump being large, the PB indicated they build pools just like this every day.
    They said the equipment is matched and works well. They also indicated the high flow would require less pump on time.

    Any advice on if this setup is in the proper range? Thanks so very much.

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    Re: question about pump equipment for new pool build

    Welcome to TFP!

    Builders almost always prefer to install pumps that are too large. They provide nice water movement, and strong jets in the spa, which are the things that new pool owners notice in the first few days. It is only months later that the homeowner finds out just how much electricity it takes to run a large pump. Having a 2 HP pump for spa mode is great, but that isn't what you want for day to day water circulation. Smaller pumps save money on electricity, even though you need to run them for longer. For example, a two speed pump needs to be run twice as long, but will save you about 1/3 of your electric usage despite that. A variable speed pump can save much more than that.

    The simplest change is to get a two speed pump and use high speed for the spa and low speed when circulating the water. Other approaches include variable speed pumps (a large up front investment, worth it if you have high electrical rates) and having an additional pump for when you are just circulating.

    Other than that, you have a nice setup.
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    Re: question about pump equipment for new pool build

    Jason thanks for the response, I am going to check with my PB on a swap out for a 2 speed similar Jandy.
    The variable speed is $600 more, but the 2 speed model appears to just be $100 more, and seems like it would offer some savings running on low.

    Thanks! Great forum here.

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