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Thread: installing leaf net cover

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    installing leaf net cover


    We are closing our pool this weekend and I have a question about the leaf net that we purchased. Is the leaf net suppossed to be suspended above the water so the leaves dry? If so, how do you pull it that snug and keep it there? It did not come with any installation directions.

    Thanks for any tips!
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    Re: installing leaf net cover

    I used just a leaf net cover for two winter seasons; that is without any other cover. It just floated on top of the water with weights around coping/decking. It doesn't have to be stretched very tight. The net caught virtually all of the leaves; LOTS. But don't expect it to keep any finer debris out unless you use it over another cover.

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    It did a great job but was a real hassle to keep the dogs safe and not worry that they would find a way to the death trap.
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    Re: installing leaf net cover

    If you use a regular cover under the leafnet (and the leafnet should just rest on the other cover, not be held taught across the pool), you are better off removing the leafnet, and it's catch, after all the leaves fall, but before it freezes into the water

    Leafnets work very well, if you do as I just suggested
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: installing leaf net cover

    I do exactly as Ted suggested. Mine just went on yesterday. When all the leaves are down, the cover gets pulled off until springtime - just before we open there is a period of seed pod and heavy "cotton" pollen drop from some of our trees. I put the leaf net on, let if catch that junk and then pull it off again. It does not get on there tightly across to suspend it, just so that it lays on top of the other cover. A temporary tool only.
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