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Thread: Stenner Pump White Stuff

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    Stenner Pump White Stuff

    I just replaced my liner (looks great) and started up the filter to balance water chemistry. I turned on my Stenner Pump (3GPD) to run full time and marked the bleach level in the tank. When I checked 12 hrs later the tank level had not changed. T unhooked the output tubing, turned the pump on and there was no flow. I looked at the weighted suction strainer and what I remembered to be black was now white. After a good cleaning in hot water with a toothbrush I reinstalled and it is now pumping.
    I switched from a Liquidator to the Stenner Pump last spring and reused my Liquidator Tank (cleaned) for supply tank. I had no problems and was very happy with the Stenner performance. At the end of my season (Oct 2017) I set the Stenner to run 1hr/day for the winter. A few weeks later I noticed my pool water level dropping rapidily and turned off all pumps. My 14 year old liner gave up the ghost and I replaced it this Feb.
    My question is, is White Stuff a typical problem with Stenner bleach tanks? I painted my Liquidator tank white and did see white stuff when operating as the Liquidator but it never plugged the valves.
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    Re: Stenner Pump White Stuff

    The white stuff is Salt buildup. Each year, I replace the Tube (the flexible one driven by the rollers), the duckbill check valve and injector, and inspect the 1/4" black tubing. I also inspect the pick up filter, and replace if I cannot clean it well enough due to salt buildup. The Duckbill check valve is susceptible to clogging from salt and should be inspected each three months. I love my Stenner pump and it saves me a bunch of time hauling a lot of gallon containers of bleach to the pool. Also, when I go on vacation, I can be confident that my pool will get the bleach it needs when I am gone (about .8 gallons per day during the Summer in my SO Cal deserts heat).
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