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Thread: Help! My pool liner is a bulging monster!

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    Help! My pool liner is a bulging monster!

    Hello TFP friends. I've been reading these forums for months now and think that i've reached a point where i've soaked up (corny pun intended) as much about the following topic that I can. Now I am hoping for any additional info or insight. Much appreciated and thank goodness for TFP!

    I inherited my dream (so I thought) pool summer 2017. Almost immediately after purchasing the home, the liner began to float after only about an inch of rain. The pool was built up a bit, in other words, higher than the surrounding yard slightly. Behind it the ground slopes aggressively down a long hill toward the back of my property. I was told and I also suspected downspout drainage was the issue, so I had an elaborate network of channel deck drains, downspout drains, collection drains all installed and ran underground out past and far below the pool. Needless to say, this was expensive. The next rain, nothing changed. Still bulging walls and a bubble in the middle of the shallow end.

    I've had a few PB come out and tell me they're baffled as well. The only solution offered is about a $4,000 sump pump setup, where a 50 gallon barrel would be sunken to the depth of the deep end, holes drilled all through it, crushed rock around and in it, and in the middle a 12" pipe where a sump pump would live. When do the costs stop!?

    Does anyone have any other potential solutions? Could something else be causing this and maybe has been overlooked? I searched the forums and found little about the "NuFlo System" and the local guys haven't heard of it, but it seems promising and less complicated. NuFlo Systems: The Floating Liner Solution

    For reference, I am in North Mississippi just south of Memphis TN. My subdivision has multiple ponds, and there is actually one about 100 yards behind my house (but below my pool by at least 15 feet. Many home have pools, and several have also told me they have problems too. I wasn't able to post pictures due to file size.

    Help please!
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    Re: Help! My pool liner is a bulging monster!

    OP, you may have already seen some of these threads, but I wanted to make sure while saying hello and welcoming you to the forum.
    Planning a DIY IG - Looking for High Water Table Solutions
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    Ground water behind liner - Inground Pool

    Please feel free to reply to this thread as much as you need to for visibility and to get as much feedback from members who may have similar experiences. Great to have you with us.
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