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Thread: High TA (different readings in the house vs poolside)

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    High TA (different readings in the house vs poolside)

    What can I use to lower the TA? Pool is 27ft. above ground round. 52in high
    Using Aquachek test strips: Should I wait till they dry to check? The readings seemed to have changed since bringing the strip into the house. Maybe the different lighting?

    CA is about 300 outiside now it looks to be 100 in ths oused
    Chlorine was 10 outside now it lloks to be 5 in the house.
    ph 7.2 oustide now looks to be 8.4
    TA looked to be 240 outside now looks to be off the charts as blue???

    I assume the outside fresh readings were more accurate.
    27 ft round, 19,400, cartridge filter

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    Re: High TA (different readings in the house vs poolside)

    Your problem is that you are using test strips for your testing. Test strips work for testing salt levels and for borates, but they are not accurate for much else. You need a high quality test kit such as the TF-100 (link in my sig) or a Taylor K-2006.

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    Re: High TA (different readings in the house vs poolside)

    If you read the instruction on the strips container it will answer your question. Most strips need to be read in about 15 seconds and multi test strips need to be read in a certain order, ususally starting with the chlorine.

    Then again, strips are just about usless for TA since the precision is too big a value and cannot measure HC at all, they measure total hardness which is useless for pools. CYA testing with strips is notorioulsly inaccurate and pH testing with strips, once again, does not have enough precision to be useful.
    Get a decent test kit.

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