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Thread: chlorine vs bromine

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    chlorine vs bromine

    Hello Mike her again.

    Ok so i chose the BBB method after having my cya at 20-30. I have a jacuzzi tub, 420 gallon, ozonator and proclear( I believe its jacuzzi's nature 2)

    I kept the hot tub clear until my kid decided to have a party, several kids in hot tub at a time, I tried to keep the fc up but failed and got cloudy crappy water. So I dumped the water and starting over.

    I was doing ok with the BBB method but noticed my FC would be ok a few hrs after testing but the next day it was gone? Is this the ozonator? I would have to dump in bleach before every hot tub use.

    So rule number 1- No more overcrowded hot tub parties.

    My question is which method...BBB or Bromine do you think is best for me? I am refilling as we speak.

    I have trouble tending to the hot tub every eve and sometimes the kids will get in before I get home and no one checks the chemicals. I could just get rid of the kids but I am afraid child protective will get me.

    So whats some insight

    I have 420 gallon Jacuzzi brand with an ozonator( I would like to use since I paid for it) and am open to trying bromine?

    I know I cant use the nature 2 with bromine.

    I understand the BBB method and successfully use it in my pool.

    So if I use bromine give me some advice

    I know Bromine drops your ph/alk. Is bromine better with an ozonator. I thought I read that.
    Where should I keep my bromine level? I think I will use the three step method. Can I use bleach to activate the bromine tabs or do I need to use sodium bromide. Do I shock once a week with bleach? or MPS?

    22,000 IG vinyl liner
    sand filter
    LQ 8 gallon

    Jacuzzi Hot Tub
    420 gallons

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    Re: chlorine vs bromine

    If you have hot tub party's, and find your FC dropping too fast, it just means you need to use more Chlorine (WHATEVER that amount is). Don't be afraid to use larger amounts of Bleach (1, 2 or 3 cups) if needed. And, don't be afraid to shock (15-20 ppm) your tub until your Chlorine Demand (CD) is below 50%. Also, MPS is good to use before and during hot tub party's. It helps the Chlorine oxidize bather waste, therefore saving FC.

    Read my post about Chlorine Demand (CD) here for more info.

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    Re: chlorine vs bromine

    I switched to bromine, everything is fine for now.
    I have one questions, should I still add bleach after every soak even though I am using the 3 step bromine system?

    22,000 IG vinyl liner
    sand filter
    LQ 8 gallon

    Jacuzzi Hot Tub
    420 gallons

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    Re: chlorine vs bromine

    should not be needed if your bromine floater is properly adjusted. The bromine tablets add chlorine along with the bromine.

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