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Thread: My pool is a beautiful green

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    My pool is a beautiful green

    The pool has sat dormant for 4 months and had a great olive green color to it. Per leslie's pool I dumped in roughly 30 pounds of dichlor over a three or four day period. no substantive improvement and then I found this site. Bought 40 gallons of 12.5% bleach from Hills Brothers Chemicals (3.75/gal in 6 Gallon jugs). After adding 6 gallons per day for a couple of days the pool is a light green, but still won't clear. I don't trust any of the numbers I'm getting for CYA because the water is so cloudy. Two different pool stores have tested for CYA a few dozen times and it always comes out different, ranging from 0 to +100, bouncing as much as 40 points in a day. I decided to do a partial drain and replace some of the water to get the CYA level down. When I dropped the water level I could see a hard scale all over the plaster.

    Chemistry earlier in the day:
    PH 7.0
    TA 100
    Calcium Hardness: 800
    TDS 100
    CYA 60
    FC 0
    TC 1
    CC 1

    30 min after adding 6 gal 12.5% Bleach
    Chemistry per Leslies:
    FC 1
    PH 7.0
    TA 84
    CYA 100+
    TDS 1500

    What do you guys suggest?

    All the best,
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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    Is that supposed to be WHITE plaster?
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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    Ya, fraid so

    and those are BLUE pool tiles!!!!

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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    Quote Originally Posted by cas5
    Ya, fraid so

    and those are BLUE pool tiles!!!!
    Do you mean your waterline tile is ALL BLUE? (or should be??) Looks like you have WAY more trouble than just the algae!

    You need to get a good test kit (see my signature) so you can get a grasp on what is going on. Don't blindly dump in chems just because a Pool Store Employee tells you to. Chances are they know less than you do!! (Ok, some know their stuff, but not most)

    Until you get your kit, have your water tested at the PS, and report back here for guidance!

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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    Hi Grace,

    Yes, those tiles are all blue. The chemistry in the first post came from my local pool store earlier today.


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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    Your CH and CYA levels look like they are probably way too high (depends how much we trust the pool store measurements). The CH being high is probably what caused the problem in the first place and CYA being high is a result of using way too much dichlor. Both require a massive water replacement to get the levels down.

    The pictures look like calcium scale, with a little dirt in it, to me. You can confirm this by brushing a small area of the step, perhaps the blue tile, with some dilute muriatic acid. Try ten parts of water to one part of acid at first. Always add acid to water, not the other way around. If it is calcium scale, I would expect that to foam up a little and start removing some of the brown/gray coating.

    If it is calcium scale, the only effective treatment is likely to be a full drain and manual acid wash.
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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    Thanks Jason-

    It did foam. In the process of emptying it now.


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    Re: My pool is a beautiful green

    that looks like my steps last year. You might try putting a vitamin C tablet on your step to see if it whitens. You may need an ascorbic acid treatment. I did it last year and I worked great on brightening up my plaster. Just check it after you refill. The cost of the acid was about 70 dollars including shipping. I believe there is a thread in pool school for the treatment. Good luck.
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