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Thread: What a day.....

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    What a day.....

    For the past week or so, I've needed to mow the yard, but due to the rain, its been too soggy.

    Today, i was thinking the yard would be dry enough to mow.....

    So last night at some point, the flex hose going from the pump to the sand filter blew off the fitting and the pump proceeded to empty as much water as it could out of the pool (1000-1500 gallons from what i can tell).

    I've always eyed that connection and thought "what a stupid place to use flex hose" with the intention of changing it out for hard plumbing when i did my solar install over the next few weekends.

    So, there goes my mowing for today. I figure Ill just mow tomorrow.

    I go to lowes, pick up the pieces I need for the solar and to hard plumb from the pump to filter, go in the back yard and start working on it.

    I also put the hose in the pool to start replacing the lost water.

    The reason I am home from work today is because we were taking my son for an MRI. I work on the plumbing up until we go to the MRI at 11am this morning.

    I just pulled in the driveway and noticed the street had water all in the gutter. Then it hit me, I forgot to turn the hose off.

    Sign, the yard looks like a swamp now. So much for mowing.

    Have a laugh at my expense
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    Re: What a day.....

    been there, done that. i still laugh about it even though i have well water and my well doesnt hold much water. started topping the pool off and forgot about it as i went to lowes to pick up a few things. came home and found my pool overflowed and my yard was soaked. i bet my yard was loving me as it hasnt had a good soaking in a long time. my gf freaked out worried about the well running dry, but i was laughing my @$$ off. it took quite a few vaccumming to get rid of the black deposits that my well pump had sucked out of the bottom of the well, but the well didnt run out of water. i just turned off the water for a couple days to let the well fill itself back up and everything is fine. but now when i need to top off my pool now, my gf watches it like a hawk. ohh the good ol' days.
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    Re: What a day.....

    I usually set a timer or reminder on my phone when I turn the hose on to add water to the pool. It's too easy to forget for me.
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    Re: What a day.....

    An auto-fill works wonders. If i didnt have one, i would flood the neighborhood. i cant remember much of anything anymore without a string tied around my finger.

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    Re: What a day.....

    I recently bought a timer(<$10) for watering the grass. Work great for topping up pools.
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    Re: What a day.....

    I hope everything went well with the MRI...the grass will wait
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