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Thread: New to Forum and New Used Pool

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    New to Forum and New Used Pool

    Hi All!
    So I went on craiglist and bought an above ground Dolphino pool this weekend. It's a 4 ft by 16ft with a filter and cover. Dude I bought it from threw in this chlorine tabs, I purchased it when it was in the box... I didn't realize he had put it away from last season WET. So I drove the 30 miles back home, and began to notice a smell. Well upon opening the box, the pool has a lot of mud on the outside/bottom, but also as you can imagine mildew all over . I want to clean this baby up, so my money isn't wasted, and the children aren't upset.

    I want to know if it is safe to use bleach, or Tilex mold/mildew formula on the pool before setting it up? Also, how do I go about buying a replacement cap for the outside of the drain valve and how do I figure out which replacement filter to buy? Will there be a model number on the old filter, or the housing of the filter system?

    Any tips you have for me cleaning it before filling it with water and starting to balance the chemicals would be helpful! Thanks all!!!

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    Re: New to Forum and New Used Pool

    Welcome to TFP
    Go to Pool School at the top of the page, it will answer alot of questions you will have.
    You could go with either a cartridge or sand filter. I would think a 200lb sand filter is more than enough. Don't know much about cartridge filters. A good test kit is well worth the money. A Taylor K-2006 or TF100. The link to the TF100 is in my signature, the one I prefer.
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    Re: New to Forum and New Used Pool

    YEs, you can use a diluted bleach and water solution to clean up the pool. The tilex is a bit strong, it might bleach out/spot, so I wouldn't use it. I would try 1/4 cup bleach in 5 gallons of hot water, and then sponge/hose off.

    Your Dolfino pool is an Aqua Leisure product, very similar to Intex brand products.

    Here is their website:

    (Check the recall notices....)

    If you do a google search for this brand's replacement pump/filter and parts you may find what you are looking for.

    There are a few articles in Pool School that can help you pick out a "better" pump/filter combo. Personally I would upgrade the pump/filter, as the ones made for the pool can be inadequate. With that size pool you should be able to get away with a smaller 1/2 hp or 3/4 HP pump, but filter size, I'm not sure what to recommend. Maybe something like this? Hopefully the equipment gurus on the forum will chime in.

    Read Pool School, and invest in a one of the recommended Test kits - see the article that compares them. I have a TF100 so naturally I'm biased towards it.

    You want to get the filter/parts squared away so you can begin filtration, then start filling, and then begin to balance your water. You can order the kit, and test your tap water, post the results here, and then we can give you a head start on what chems you might need to balance with.

    Hope this helps.

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy your new pool!
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