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Thread: Getting fed up with algae!

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    Getting fed up with algae!

    Hi all. I came here because I don't know where to start. I took a picture of my pool to start with and need help to defeat the algae growing on the walls. I bought a testing kit at home depot awhile back (will buy the one you guys recommend) and so far have gotten these numbers"

    pH - ~6.8
    FC - (through the roof?) (turns the testing water very red)
    TA - ~ 80 (I added some backing soda last night to raise it up from 70)

    So, my question is what do I start with to defeat this algae? I am going to go out and brush the pool, but what is the best way to start whipping my pool into shape?

    Thank you to everyone for all the help.


    The algae is on the back wall, steps and love seat.

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    Re: Getting fed up with algae!

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Step one is ordering the TF100 test and at least include the XL option. That will give you what you need while you are clearing the pool, and probably enough reagents for a couple of years normal use.

    The only other real option for a test kit is a Taylor K-2006. Be careful comparing prices because the K-2006 comes in sizes, designated by a letter. The basic K-2006 has .75oz bottles. You need to get the K-2006-C to get the larger bottles that you want. Even then it is a little short on the reagent & powder for the FAS/DPD test.

    I also have the SpeedStir and Sample Sizer. They speed testing and accuracy.

    Without accurate FC numbers ("through the roof" doesn't help ) and the CYA of the pool we really can't help.

    While you wait for it to get delivered, you have a homework assignment - Pool School. Start with these:
    ABCs of Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool

    Until you get your test kit add 1/2 bottle plain generic bleach to the pool each day. To build up your muscles for the upcoming SLAM brush each day also, especially where the algae is visible.

    Now, housekeeping - If you could update your profile to include the State with your city that will help us give you area specific advice going forward. Also, please add your pool details to your signature as described HERE as it will help us help you.
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    Re: Getting fed up with algae!


    I agree, order a test kit ASAP. The odds are extremely low that you'll find a FAS-DPD test kit in stock at any pool store, and no other test can measure the FC at the levels you'll need. Save time and gas and order one online.

    Your pool doesn't look too bad - you can see through the water. WIth the right test kit, a lot of bleach, and the SLAM instructions you should be rid of the algae completely in just a few days.

    Check some of the links in this thread. Just scroll through and look at the pictures. Then do what they did.
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    Re: Getting fed up with algae!

    Welcome to TFP!

    You came to the right place to rid your pool of algae forever. Yours will be easy! We're used to black water and tadpoles around here!
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    Re: Getting fed up with algae!

    Yep! Welcome to TFP. I love my TF-100 w/ Speed Stir.
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