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    How to plumb this ...

    Now then, good evening, good day all I'm trying to convert some 'Magiline' skimmers so that they have a direct suction line to the pump. I've dug 90% of one out and the image below tells the story. Is there any tried and tested way of plumping a 50mm pipe into a corrugated profile such as the...
  2. M

    Question regarding return plumbing in deep end of pool flooring

    So I noticed some pool builders say they are different because their pools have 2 returns and 2 suctions in the deep end of the pool? Anyone ever here of this and is that good or bad to do? Any advantage to just have 2 suctions in the deep and then returns jets around the entire pool? Thanks!
  3. L

    Filter won’t Prime!

    Hey everyone , So for days now I can’t seem to get my filter to prime. I feel like I have tried absolutely everything. What happens is I turn the filter on it blows bubbles into the pool and then nothing. So one good gust and that’s it. Also the skimmer basket/ carriage of the pump isn’t full...
  4. S

    Question about Bot Suction on Fiberglass Pool

    I have a new Trilogy Graviy rectangular fiberglass pool and our builder has been letting us test both the Pentair 930 (equivalent to Dolphin S300i?) and the Dolphin M400. Over the last 2 weeks neither has had any luck climbing the walls. We have a lip around most f the pool, but have seen videos...
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    Skimmer and Waterfall

    I'm trying to balance good suction in my skimmer with a nice flow from my waterfall, but I am not that familiar with the controls. Can anyone help me based on the picture provided?