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    Stinging sensation – bonding issue, stray voltage, or something else?

    Just over a week ago, my family was swimming in the pool for about an hour. My wife got out near the therapy jets and sat on the edge with legs hanging in the pool. She immediately said “ouch, I feel like I’m getting stung.” She got her legs out and stuck her hand in and the same sensation...
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    Complaints of chlorine stinging eyes

    I’m getting control of my pool water with the TFP method. Slowly but surely my numbers are getting in line. Anyway, my CYA isn’t outrageous but it’s higher than it should be. I’ve been following Pool Math App for keeping FC in the right range. Ultimately that’s meant my FC is higher now than...
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    Stinging noses, headaches, smell

    FC: 5.5 CC: 0 pH: 7.4 TA: 110 CH: 150 CYA: ~26 Water temp: 80 F 10K gal AG TF-100 kit Hi everyone and welcome back to pool season in the Northeast! Opened up about a week ago, passed the OCLT on 5/21 and then had a crazy heat wave the past 2 or 3 days so the kids have spent considerable...