1. D

    Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 - Knocking Sound-> Shut Off

    Hello All, I've been reading through posts, and want to thank everyone who is helping guys like me out! It's a real pleasure to find a helpful forum. I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 Pool/Spa heater which came with the house I purchased in 2019. The heater ran fine all last summer (spa...
  2. socal_pooluser

    Pentair Sta Rite heater issue

    I have an older Sta Rite heater.. has worked great the last 7 years. Now, when I turn on the heater, it turns on, shows the current water temp on the LED, the blower comes on but it does not light. It continues for about 30 seconds and then shuts itself off. I thought it might be the igniter so...
  3. B

    Plumbed in Salt chlorine generator, but noticed filter says fresh water only

    New to pools, purchased a home with a 20x40 in ground pool last November. I plumbed in a new salt chlorine generator a month back, and today while opening the pool I noticed the label on the Sta-Rite filter says fresh water only. It's a Sta-Rite System 3 model S7D75 filter. Why can't this be...