pool and spa

  1. J

    In ground spa sucking in some jets

    I have an in ground pool and spa combo. I know my left pump is for the fountain, middle pump is filter pump and the right pump is the booster pump (picture attached) My spa has about 10 jets and some of them are sucking instead of jetting out. I noticed that some jets are also stronger than...
  2. golovko

    Raleigh, NC - First time pool build - using my own design I created in Pool Studio - feedback request

    Hi everyone, first time pool build here. I started shopping around back in early June. Started the process with a builder in my area late June and we're getting ready to sign a contract. I wanted to share my build design here for any feedback or things I may not even be aware of to ask. The...
  3. S

    Northern climate new pool/spa build - design advice needed on everything

    We are building an in ground pool and spa in Iowa and need advice on the system design and plumbing with some special considerations due to the northern and extreme winter climate. I have a good foundation of knowledge because of TFP and my previous home’s in-ground pool. We are coming from the...