1. Annoulini

    New pool build, Tomball, TX- Help! Hideous grout color

    I started a thread a couple months back comparing PBs. We signed a contract, have all of the permits and today was dig day! We did run into some issues, i.e a gas line running outside of the easement that thankfully the gas company relocated while we waited for permits. It was pretty difficult...
  2. J

    Buying different house for pool - Things to check for

    Everyone has been super helpful on these forums. After running into a easement issue on our last pool build, we are actually now considering moving to a different house that we can actually put a pool in. If we get tied up into escrow on the new house, I need to do my due diligence to make sure...
  3. awpoll

    New Inground Pool build Mcdonough, Ga

    We are so excited. After several years of wanting to start our pool build it’s finally here. We started digging on Jan 5,2020. My PB worked 8 straight days and was ready for shotcrete. Then we were delayed a few days due to rain. Shotcrete happened yesterday Jan 17,2020. These shotcrete guys are...