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    Tank Leaking After DE Cleaning

    That torque sounds more like it. What kind of DE filter is it? I've only owned Pentair DE filters. A 20 yr old one a brand new one. Both had a spring under the band clamp nut. That silicone lube would probably be ok, but better to ask a pro. I buy mine from the local pool store. A tube lasts...
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    Tank Leaking After DE Cleaning

    Another thing to try is tapping the band clamp with a rubber mallet all around the filter as you are tightening to help it seat properly. I start on the opposite side from the nut and work my way around towards the nut in both directions. Most of the DE filters use a stiff spring on the band...
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    Leak at valve junction

    Another option is to wack off the existing pipe flush with the valve port and use a 2 1/2" 45-deg elbow over the valve port, then reduce back down to 2" to rejoin with the existing pipe. You will need to clean the valve port with sandpaper to get a clean glue joint. I learned that trick last...
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    TX Pool Repair Post Freeze - what a MESS

    My local pool store seems to be out of everything. No acid, no liquid chlorine,, luckily they did have lots of DE. I got my multiport valve off ebay for an ok price. Received it in 2 days. DE filter was estimated at 8 days, got in 6 days. 2 inch PCV fittings was a pain. Had to visit 3 different...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    Got it all together last night. Everything went pretty smooth. Got waste line conencted using a 90 and a 45 deg fitting. Had to use a drain type PCV for the 45 deg elbow. It's very hard to find PCV fittings around here, especially 2" stuff. Had to hit 3 different box stores to get five 90 degs...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    Thx for the replies. Think I have a good plan now. Multiport valve came with a short clear piece of pipe with male threads on one end and slip fit on other end. I think it's to observe backwash flow but not sure why it's threaded on one end. Don't see anything I could screw in to. I'd like to...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    Don't think I have enough room for 3 fittings. After looking at it some more, if I rotate the filter I can make the heater connection using a portion of the old pipe. This will mis-align the waste line but I later realized that I can make a 90 straight down then a 45 over to waste pipe and...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    New DE filter and multiport valve mocked-up in place. Good news is the RETURN port of the multiport valve is facing the heater now. Bad news is the heater input is misaligned by abt 1/2". Can't move DE filter the way I need to go since its as close to house as it can be and still get band clamp...
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    Looking for Jandy heater manifold access door

    Still looking..
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    Air in pump basket and bubbles from returns....

    One tidbit I've learned is that the instant the pump shuts off, if there's a suction side leak. water will spurt out for abt 1/10 of a second. You gotta be paying very close attention and it helps to have someone else at controls while you're watching the suspect area/s. My theory is the...