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    Is SLAM inevitable? ( was...Day 3 still need help)

    Good job on cleaning those cartridges. From what you described this should speed things up!
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    Pool plumbing- 90 degrees angles

    What kind of filter do you have? Is your pad plumbing complete or do they intend to put some sort of valve on the filter?
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    Well, now what?

    Well if anyone has a right to say it, its you. But please keep the colorful language off the forum! Vacuum out as much to waste as you can. Don't try and let the Quattro do the heavy lifting on this one. Is there a lot of mulch washed in too? You may have to net that stuff out. What kind...
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    SIlt (?) Collecting on Pool Bottom Every Morning

    It looks like corse sand to me. It looks like you have rocks behind the pool in your avatar. Could be that the corse sand is coming from the rock landscaping. How has the wind been in your area lately?
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    Slowly progressing...

    I had a pump I was trying to fix once and the heads of the long bolts sheared right off! I was so mad!
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    Removal of Baby Powder from Outside of Pool

    Hi, welcome to TFP! This is a problem I haven't see yet! Try a nylon pot scrubber and some soapy water, and just rinse the soap off with the water hose.
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    No suction in skimmers

    Just out of curiosity how much DE do you put in your filter? When you clean it do you do a backwash and recharge, or do you open it up and pull out the grids?
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    Bestway Pool - need advice on first chemical/salt treatment

    Assume that your pool has the correct level for the amount of CYA added. Just pretend its already present in the water and base your FC off of that. Your real test result should be pretty close and it won't hurt to dose the pool this way for a day or two.
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    Costco above ground pool set up question. (First timer)

    Use an all weather extension cord rated for higher amperage than the pump. ALWAYS unplug it while swimming or cleaning the pool. In fact, it would be best to dose the pool in the evening and let the pump run over night, and unplug it in the morning. If the cord will be in a high traffic area...
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    Sides higher than middle

    You should remove the grass and level the ground to set up the pool.
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    I have 2 filter pumps, which should I use?

    I would give the old one a try. Bigger is better when it comes to these pump/filter combos.
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    My pool won't hold ANY chemicals! NONE! HELP!

    In tab form? 0. Use liquid chlorine until you know what’s in your water. We have a pool math app and an old school pool math web page that will help you calculate how much chlorine to add.
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    New seals, still leaking at motor!

    Can you post a picture of the filter?
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    Above ground pool leak.....

    Water will leak down to the level of the lowest hole and stop. I would check around the skimmer and return for leaks. Visually inspect the liner at the current water level, looking for any small openings in the liner. Check any seams in the liner as well. If no openings are found fill the...
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    New seals, still leaking at motor!

    You may have ruined the seal. I don't know why but if you touch the ceramic surface of the seal it will leak. I wouldn't put any lube on it either. Also make sure you have the right seal for your pump, and be careful you don't crack the ceramic seal when you install it. Here is a video on...