My husband and I were renters and we waited to buy a house for a very long time. Location was the most important factor and when we finally found a house in the perfect location...we just happened to became pool owners too. Neither of us grew up with a pool and we didn't necessarily want one but having a pool wasn't a deal breaker considering everything else we liked about the property. I do have kids that will be teenagers soon and I hope to improve this pool as much as I can so we can enjoy it and also make it more appealing for resale several years down the line.

Home Improvement
Bells, TN


Bought a home with a pool. Inspector comments in parentheses. 20'x40'x8' IG 32,000 gal.(One wall has crooked coping and concrete deck has shifted) Vinyl liner (needs replacement in near future) Hayward S240 - 300 lb sand filter(good except small leak)
Hayward 1.5 HP Superpump(good with exception of small leak) TF-100