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    Loving our SWG!!

    Hey all, I haven't posted in a while but wanted to pop in and say our Pentair IC-40 has made life sooooo much easier! We switched over last summer and it has been a breeze maintaining the pool since then. We added some Purple Magic and CYA shortly after bringing the SWG online and had to add...
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    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    We dropped the % to 60 and the FC got too low, so we bumped it to 75 and FC crept up a bit high, so now we're at 70. It's higher than I expected to run it, but we haven't messed with Borates yet. Everything is fine though, all the test results look great and we've never had a problem with the...
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    Vegasmom's Pool Build

    WHAT?? Your night time temps are in the 100's? Wow! I had no idea there was any place in the US that had night temps that hot, LOL! Some people like water temps in the 90's, but so far 88 seems to be my top end of pool comfort. I really like it best around 85. Of course when it's 110 outside (as...
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    Sport Pool - Anyone Regret?

    Ours is 3-5-4. If I did it over again I'd probably deepen the 3 to 3.5 or 4 because when I swim certain strokes I tend to hit the bottom on that end. Before we built our pool we swam in several pools with deep ends and I noticed that we never hung out in the deep end. It's nice for doing deep...
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    Vegasmom's Pool Build

    Here's the "License to Chill" recipe, the quantities are for a single drink, multiply each x 4 if you're mixing up a whole pitcher: 1 oz. tequila 1/2 oz. lime juice 1/4 oz. blue curacao 2 oz. margarita mix (we use the Margaritaville mix) For any non-"Margaritaville machine owners" out...
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    Need Fencing help

    I would suggest galvanized steel posts set in concrete. Even PT wood will eventually rot if exposed to water long enough. Galvanized steel posts last practically forever. Wood has gone up in price so much that steel posts typically don't cost any more than wood. "One installer concretes all...
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    MoCity Pool Build (formerly Pool dig / depth questions)

    Re: Pool dig / depth questions Other than that crazy last step and the steep slope, it's a very nice looking pool! The biggest problem I see is that steep slope, I think it's going to feel very awkward for anyone (kids or adults) to try and stand in that half of the pool. In that regard I think...
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    Paver Deck Install - Before or after pool is completed?

    Not sure if you're the same person that posted a similar question on Gardenweb, but here is the response I posted over there: I would recommend waiting until the grading is done and the decking is in before you install the pool finish and fill it up. The main reason is if you finish and fill...
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    Vegasmom's Pool Build

    LOL! Well we were firing ours up a lot in the interest of judging various recipes, at least that was our excuse :) I found one recipe called "License to Chill" that uses blue curacao in addition to the tequila, that one was a big hit at our pool party last weekend! Let me know if you want the...
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    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    As a quick update, we were going to shock the pool over the weekend after our pool party, but by then the FC had slowly crept up to 3. That backs up the above comments that it takes an SWG a long time to raise FC, it's better at holding levels steady than short-term boosting. We added CYA to get...
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    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    Thanks so much for all the help, I think we've got a plan-of-action now :) We're going to get the water checked for CYA level and add CYA to get it up to at least 80 if it's not there now. We're also going to shock it with some bleach in case there's some algae growing that we can't see (plus...
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    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    Thanks guys, we'll go get some bleach :) Jason, I'm running the pump at 2200 on circulation mode, should I/ can I lower it more? Which reminds me of another question I had, for a given SWG percentage is it putting the same amount of chlorine into the pool regardless of pump speed?
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    Tasting Salt?

    Ours is at 3700 and you can definitely taste the salt. It's not a strong or objectionable taste, but you can tell it's there.
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    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    The water is crystal clear and the CC level has remained at zero, so I doubt there's anything growing in there. But thanks for the suggestion!
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    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    Thanks, it's not even a week old yet so I wouldn't think it would need cleaning, but who knows! I may open it up and look inside it to make sure there's no blockage.