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    Equipment wired/programmed but,...

    I re-read the OmniPL manual and it does say "valves" for spillover mode. So if your builder/plumber/programmer program it correct, and your limit cams in the actuator are set correctly - it should work.
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    Equipment wired/programmed but,...

    The OmniPL, if I read everything correctly, will simply turn the valve from stop to stop, be that 45 degree turn, 90 degree turn or 180 degree (or whatever rotation you have the cam stops set for). The OmniPL cannot stop in the middle. IE - if the stops on the valve are set for 180 degree...
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    Equipment wired/programmed but,...

    Or 3 wires give you 120 volt only, one hot, one neutral and ground. I asked Klanel in a PM for a pic of his panel insides.
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    Equipment wired/programmed but,...

    My feed from home breaker panel to the Hayward panel, is 4 wire, white, red, black and bare ground. Is only 3 wires entering your panel? Do you have pictures on the supply termination in the Hayward panel?
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    PB Will Not Do Pavers For Deck /Help

    My pool deck was installed starting last Friday morning, continued Saturday and today. It is 1.25" travertine pavers from this site: Cascade Blend Travertine Filled / Brushed Pavers – Stone Nature They are installed on a 4" concrete base that was poured 3 weeks ago, with a crushed granite...
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    Light Grout- Good idea or no?

    Look at epoxy grout - similar to this: Many colors to choose from and you can add "bling" to it as well - with shimmer packs. We used the Nero Carbonio color (black) with out dark blue tiles. Should not fade. -Tom
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    Recent Shotcrete application -- exposed rebar and other questions

    Also - adding additional concrete at the top of the bond beam will increase the distance from coping to the first step.
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    Imagine Illusion 40 Complete 10/19/21

    Be careful with the quick connects - they often reduce flow quite a bit. I would hate to see your flow to the slide be diminished. According to the manual here the hose is a 1" PVC flex host, which I believe is 1" ID (not OD). -Tom
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    Help Me Solve Water Behind Liner on Pool Remodel

    What I believe to be happening is certainly water going thru the composite coping, down thru the two 2x6 composite rim boards and down behind the liner and or wall. There is no easy way that setup will become watertight like the concrete coping was. With the concrete coping, if installed...
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    Equipment wired/programmed but,...

    Our tile/coping guys did a great job. The coping is tight to the tile as well.