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    Sun Dome failed

    Yeah probably comes in big sheets though and I would need it contoured with seams. It’s a massive sheet of vinyl 18x33. It’s hard to pull up and take down. The sun dome is really heavy duty and thick and with all the pulling and stretching it still didn’t rip. It justed ripped this year. Dried...
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    Sun Dome failed

    I have a heater too, but the water has to be like 90° for anybody to get in it. The dome pretty much holds that temp when it’s hot out. I only use heater in April and October. There’s too many leaves and acorns and it’s too hard to pull the cover off when we had a net. The dome was the best...
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    Sun Dome failed

    I know, they told me they last 3 to 5 years, but no one will go in the pool if I have don’t have a dome. The southern exposure is what turned yellow and brittle. I’m stuck buying one every three years. I guess the money I save on just using chlorine helps.
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    Sun Dome failed

    Way too many and so brittle you bend it it cracks.
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    Sun Dome failed

    FYI My frabico Sun Dome failed after 3 seasons. The Vinyl turned yellow and brittle. It torn all over. They want $1000 to replace vinyl dome only . Doesn’t seem right ☹️
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    Menards pool shock BOGO

    Thanks got some yesterday. Used my 11% rebate. Free chlorine and fresh too. April.
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    2 Gang Extra Deep In Use Outlet Cover for Pump

    Home Depot Menards and Lowe’s has it.
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    New AGP plumbing with heater...shut off valves/unions?

    My theory is, you should never have a reason to slam and as long as you keep your pH normal the heater is just part of your system. If you follow the CYA chart the bleach shouldn’t harm it even when you slam. I’ve read a lot of post from the experts on this site, because I had the same question...
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    New AGP plumbing with heater...shut off valves/unions?

    JasonLion TFP Expert Platinum Supporter LifeTime Supporter May 7, 200737,880Silver Spring, MD May 6, 2009 Add bookmark #3 Having a bypass is required if your pump is very large relative to the size of your heater, which is rather rare, but sometimes happens when you have a single pump for...
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    New AGP plumbing with heater...shut off valves/unions?

    Heater shouldn’t be bypassed you don’t want water sitting in it.