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    Handgun Storage Safe?

    I was mainly wondering why he said the forum is for TFP methods and to go to another forum for this other topic. When this very sub forum is for non pool related topics. It'd be less confusing to simply say some topics are forbidden so we know non pool threads are indeed allowed.
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    Handgun Storage Safe?

    Is it not a "non pool related topic?" Where is the line drawn? There are lots of car forums but i suspect a car thread here would be perfectly fine.
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    Dry Stabilizer Calculation

    It's not miscalculations in the app, it's that the CYA test is highly subjective with a high error tolerance.
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    Brand new to pools, How am I doing?

    Your fill water is about 130ppm of TA. You have to be a bit aggressive to lower your TA by large amounts, especially during summer months when evaporation is so high here. If (when) your ph rises rapidly, it would be worth it to spend some time decreasing TA. I lower ph from 8 to 7.5 every 4...
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    Lowered TA to 50, let's see if pH stabilizes...

    Without a water softener, people in AZ would have to drain their pool yearly to keep the CH under 500. Realistically, that's not an option for most people. TA and pH are the things we can manage to keep CSI down without having to do a full water replacement annually.
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    Lowered TA to 50, let's see if pH stabilizes...

    Unfortunately your ph isn't going to stabilize completely because your (our) fill water has high TA and you'll be fighting that. You will certainly see a slowing in the ph rise though.
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    Muriatic Acid Cost Spike

    What is your TA? How much does your ph rise and how quickly?
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    My Pool Builder left me with crappy water...

    As they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Nobody else will care about your very expensive pool the way you do.
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    Lowering Pump Speed and Run Time to "Just Enough"

    The pump only need to be run long enough to produce the required FC per day, run the vacuum and keep the pool crystal clear. The rpm needed will be dependent on what your vacuum and skimmer needs to adequately keep the pool clean. The issue with only 2.5 hours of runtime at 60% is that you're...
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    Help Testing Chlorine

    If using a 25ml sample two generous scoops of the powder will be enough to react to the chlorine. One scoop for 10ml test (which is what is recommended) If it's only turning a slight pink, your FC is likely very low. Once it turns back clear after adding the 0871 drops, the test is over unless...
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    Fluctuating Ph

    It's normal for it to rise but not decrease again on its own. If your TA is in range, say around 70, it would take more than 20 ounces of full strength acid to lower your ph from 7.8 to 7.4. assuming you're not doing that daily, then it's a discrepancy in the testing.
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    Strange Alkalinity Reading

    How did you test? When you say slug, hopefully you don't mean dumping the acid in one spot without the pump on.
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    Course of action for hard water? Reverse osmosis? Water Softener? Both?

    It's not going to decrease any appreciable amount even with significant amounts of splash out or overflow from small amounts of rain you'll get. Imagine splashing out half of your pool to cut the calcium in half. It isn't practical. Adding a softener is a great step. But you'll still need to...
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    pH trending higher

    The tablets are very acidic. They were constantly lowering your ph. Once you remove regular acid additions from the tabs, the ph will rise naturally. You'll need to control it with muriatic acid. Once ph hits 8, lower it to 7.5-7.6 with muriatic acid.