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    EasyTouch - 4 valve limit? Crazy?

    I can second Jim's post. With his guidance, I just did this myself. I have an EasyTouch 8 with a max of 4 valves...all in use. I wanted to add solar, which I was already using that spot for a water feature. I purchased a Pentair 2-speed pump relay and replaced one of my AUX relays. I named...
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    EasyTouch Schedule Limit

    Thank you Jim. That was it!
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    EasyTouch Schedule Limit

    I have an EasyTouch 8. I seem to be at an impasse when trying to create a 6th schedule. I can have 5 schedules working fine. The documentation says that I should be able to configure 12. However, once the 5th program is scheduled, the add program is greyed out. I have attached a screenshot...