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    Outdoor Pavilion Build

    Awesome looking build! You will be so happy when all the little stuff is completed in addition to the TV! Enjoy!
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    Another Texas Build - Katy TX

    I built my pool this year along with a large porch project. The only thing I wish I had known about were chillers. I'm up in VA and my pool is in direct sun and gets to 90-91 degrees. I think I would use a chiller more then I would use the gas heater we got installed. It is smart to at least get...
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    Testing confusion TF-100 vs pool stores

    I finally figures that one out myself just yesterday. I had noted fine bubbles coming from my returns. I though maybe I had a small leak somewhere, or air way getting into the pump somehow, or vortex in the skimmer. But the rains filled my pool to the tip top and I still had bubbles. Checked...
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    Testing confusion TF-100 vs pool stores

    Have you cleaned your SWG cell since you got it a year ago? I'm not familiar with your brand. I have a Hayward T-15 and I was told to check it every 3 months. You could get buildup on your plates that can affect your SWG production. I would trust your results over the pool store any day. If...
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    If you were to build a new inground pool today advice.

    We compared renting a beach house for a week every year in Nags Head/Duck NC (upwards of $6,000/year) - the last vacation the kids spent all the time in the pool and hot tub and not the beach. Now I can vacation all summer in my back yard. Much better decision in hindsight now that COVID19...
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    Continuing new BBQ/Kitchen Island build

    I need to do a little more research - I think I need a type K fire extinguisher - not the purple K.
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    If you were to build a new inground pool today advice.

    Drainage - our yard had a swampy wet back yard because all of the down spouts dumped the water near the house. We had underground pipes drain the rainwater away from our house the the corners of the lot and the yard was awesome. SO when it came time to put in a pool - that was our main concern...
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    Continuing new BBQ/Kitchen Island build

    Slow progress, but progress none the less. Saturday was all rain. Sunday I spent getting all the inner stone work done so I could FINALLY mount the doors!!!! Now I can use the storage space inside the island. Next week will need to do the tile backsplash. EDIT - after seeing some discussions...
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    Continuing new BBQ/Kitchen Island build

    Sorry I didn't see your question about cabinets. The wife ordered them from Home Depot - they are plastic or polywood so - used composite shims to level them. Still have to get around to putting the handles on them.
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    Outdoor Pavilion Build

    Looks great! I love woodworking, but absolutely hate painting (especially if it is primer, then multiple coats). I'm still working on my outdoor kitchen.
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    New VRXiQ+ Polaris pool robot - initial impressions

    After reading many reviews I purchased the Polaris VRXiQ+. I have used it twice and am happy with it. Unboxing - it was easy to put together the caddy, it basically snapped together - glad to have it. App - I have strong internet by the pool thanks to my EERO mesh router. It was easy to...
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