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    How often do you test?

    After getting the pool balanced and clear: I test pH and Chlorine about every 2-3 days. After a big storm or a pool party I'll test more frequently. I test TA, CH, CYA, and Salt once a month. If a test result shows I have to add something I will test for that chemical 30-60 mins after making...
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    Pool speaker

    I'd hate to pay $200 for a Bluetooth speaker. While your system is much more expensive, it is more appealing. I'm probably going to get a cheaper Bluetooth speaker for now and put a system together when I build my pool house
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    Pool speaker

    I bought my girls an ION bluetooth floating pool speaker for the end of the school year. We used it once to listen to music around a campfire and once in the pool. When it worked it was great. However, while it was listed as waterproof, it only lasted 30 mins before it became waterlogged and...
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    What is your daily VS pump timer/schedule?

    I'm still adjusting my run times. Seems like I have to run my pump at 1100 rpm for the SWG to not throw an error for low flow. During the week I keep a solar cover on and run the pump at 1100 rpm for 8 hours a day. When I pull the cover off for the weekends, I run the pump at 1800 rpm because...
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    Same green start to season

    If you want to test pH during a slam you can neutralize the chlorine by add a few drops (and swirl) of thiosulfate prior to running the pH test. Thiosulfate is the first reagent in the total alkalinity test, R-0007.
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    Variable Speed Pump Saving to replace 1/2hp whisperflo

    I'd suggest getting the smallest variable speed pump you can find. To me it doesn't make sense to replace a 1/2hp pump (where you've been happy with the performance) with a 3hp VS pump. I know there are multiple 1.5hp VS pumps available.
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    How often having to add salt?

    I get about 40 inches of rain per year and I lose salt due to backwashing my sand filter. Seems like I go through 8 bags a year.
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    Is Variable Speed Pump Worth It for New Jersey?

    When the solar cover is on I also run my pump at 1100 RPM. I think the pool skims way better when the pump is set to 1800 RPM so that's where I run it when the cover is off. I wrote down the wattage the pump uses at each setting but can't find it. Consider yourself lucky. In NJ, after taxes...
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    Is Variable Speed Pump Worth It for New Jersey?

    I'm about 20 miles east of you. I replaced the motor on my 2 HP super pump with a 1.65 hp V-Green motor. To measure electricity usage, I have an emporia Vue system installed in my electrical panel. I believe I ran the old pump 10-12 hours a day and it cost me about $100 a month in...
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    Need suggestion on run times for Variable Speed pump

    I set my VS pump at 1100 during the week when the solar cover is on. When the cover comes off I like to set it at 1600 because I like the way skimmer works at that speed. I started with a 12 hour a day run time but have decreased to 8 hours a day. I might go even lower on pump time but, based on...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    I'm up to 71 this afternoon. It's our tradition to jump in the pool the day it's clean and chemicals balanced. This year I started too early and had the pool clear by April 25th. I think it was 60 when we did the plunge.
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    1 HP Pool Pump Suggestions

    I just upgraded to motor from my 2 HP Hayward Super Pump to a 1.65 HP V-Green in cowboycasey's post. In my case, the 2 HP pump was oversized and I did not lose anything by decreasing pump size. Either way, the 2 HP pump and saltwater system used to draw approximately 1650 watts (measured by an...
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    SWG and solar cover

    Auto Pilot Digital 220 with a PPC1 cell. The cover is on from sunday night to friday afternoon. Now that the water temp is getting into the mid 80s I am thinking about leaving the cover off.
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    SWG and solar cover

    I have an 18,000 gallon inground fiberglass pool with an AutoPilot SWG. I just want to check to see if other members with a SWG and solar cover follow the same procedure. I run my single speed pump 10 hours a day. While the cover is on I have the salt cell set to 50%. At that setting the...