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    Need suggestion on run times for Variable Speed pump

    It has a vacuum port for a manual vacuum, but no robot or anything automatic. Just the port I would plug the long hose into with the vacuum head on the end of a pole. I changed it to 3000 rpm from 8am - 10am, 2000 rpm from 10am - 4pm, and then 1400 rpm from 4pm - 8am. We'll see how it goes.
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    Need suggestion on run times for Variable Speed pump

    Hi folks, I'm new. We just moved into a rental with a 14k in-ground pool. It has a screened enclosure and we're in Florida. The pump/filter/salt-water chlorinator is all new when we moved in. It's a Pentair SuperFlo VST Variable Speed Pump using a Pentair Clean N Clear RP cartridge filter...
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    Intex SWG clearance at Target $99

    Just ordered. I hope it's the right one. The picture on Target website is slightly different than the pictures on intex website and other places on the internet. The connectors on the "tube" behind the control box are different. Anyone know what that's about?
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    How big area for an 18' intex ultra frame pool.

    i leveled out a 20' circle and i have a good foot on each side still. I used a 10' long 2x6 staked in the middle to level the 20' circle. Worked out great!
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    2 years later, the CYA is already at 330

    Yes, you will need to drain & fill some again to lower the cya level. How did you get 100? Did you test with 50% pool/50% tap water then double the results? The test kits only go up to 100, so if you are at 200 it will still only show 100. Use the 50/50 then double method to see where it's...
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    Need help with startup of new pool..... PICS ADDED!

    Re: Need help with startup of new pool..... Get your cya up, add chlorine to corresponding cya level and swim! :)
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    Pool/filter pump bonding????

    Nothing on my Intex Ultra Frame, no problems.
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    cleaning above ground intex pool

    brush and shop vac until it's as clean as you can get it when dry.....then add a bit of water and brush/drain as best you can. Then fill with water, add chlorine/CYA and enjoy!
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    When to shock?

    I also have never shocked my pool since I set it up a couple months ago.
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    Rigging up a simple vacuum

    Leaf litter will more than likely clog the"grate" of the opening going into the pump. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
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    Intex Ultra, sytrofoam underlay-How do we put legs on Pavers

    Re: Intex Ultra, sytrofoam underlay-How do we put legs on Pa I have my 18'x52" Ultra frame on the 3/4" foam without pavers and it's fine so far. If you really want the pavers (i do recommend it, we were just too lazy), assembly the top ring and place the pavers where the vertical supports will...
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    15' above ground swamp full of mosquitoes. Broken pump.

    wow, it already looks SIGNIFICANTLY better!
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    A request for guidance

    I would shock the pool with liquid chlorine/bleach and get the algae under control before worrying about the swg. You'll never know is it's working right if the pool needs to be shocked. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
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    New project! Going to fix parents' pool!

    Let's see some "before" pics!
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    90 degree water!

    Yep, all the rain and clouds from Beryl dropped our pool temp from 89 to 83.