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    Flu/Sick = Green pool = Installing SWG this week. Any advice welcome

    Thanks! We have a solar heater and a solar blanket so our pool doesn’t get too cold very often. We had it up to 86 yesterday. I will keep an eye on it when we get cold fronts.
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    Flu/Sick = Green pool = Installing SWG this week. Any advice welcome

    @RMcGirr83, we have our variable speed on the intermatic timer. I know you can use the pump's program controls but we don't. Is this wrong/bad? We have the variable speed program set up to match the timer.
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    Flu/Sick = Green pool = Installing SWG this week. Any advice welcome

    Thanks for the advice. @YippeeSkippy, We are slamming due to the green pool so we will start when the chlorine is at goal and let the SWG take it from there. Oh, and totally true on the Flu. I'm still recuperating and have a few symptoms. It has been 2.5+ weeks for me. Just now starting...
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    Flu/Sick = Green pool = Installing SWG this week. Any advice welcome

    Thanks Shirker. I don't think it will be too hard, but just in case I've just enlisted my brother to install. He has plumbing and electrical experience. We will wire it to be turned on/off with the pump. I would love automation, but I don't have the time, energy, or money to invest in it.
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    Flu/Sick = Green pool = Installing SWG this week. Any advice welcome

    Hi all, I live in FL so pool never closes. I was down with the Flu and neglected my poor pool so of course I was rewarded with a green pool. I was on the fence about a SWG and I thought I could do the chlorine liquid long term. Well this sickness was the final straw. I ordered a Circupool...
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    Fresh plaster + dirty water = problem?

    We did a re-plaster in July. Exact same thing - hydrostatic values and dirty ground water. I was so worried. However, after the acid wash no issues and you can not see anything to indicate staining. It was normal for us.
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    Robot pricing

    The robots on amazon with comparable (or lower prices) only have a 1 year warranty and only 1 brush. I decided to pay the extra $100 for the extra warranty and brush.
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    Zodiac MX8 Elite vs The Pool Cleaner vs Pentair Rebel...?

    Have you tried searching Facebook marketplace or craiglist. We just updated to a robot and sold our MX6 for $100. We saw another on there for sale also. That way you could try something similar out?? Just a thought if something is available. We just got rid of our MX6. It would get stuck...
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    Is there a pool vacuum that's amazing?

    I also have a zodiac cleaner that we ditched this week and ordered a maytronics s200. You can get it for $699 by calling Marina. Other models are cheaper on amazon, but they only have 1 year warranty (compared to two) and only 1 brush vs 2. I can’t tell you if it’s so much better than the zodiac...
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    Hello from Port Charlotte Florida!

    Hi neighbor!
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    Bullnose Concrete Coping Installation

    I would think it would need grout due to the water getting in between the joints. I would worry about mold and whatever else might get In there and stay. We just had ours installed and have the smallest grout line between each paver piece. Def not 1/2 inch and prob less than 1/4 inch It’s not...
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    Wet Edge Signature Matrix (pebble)?

    Just as reference, we replastered with signature matrix aqua in July 2019 and it looked a little splotchy before/during the acid wash but as soon as it was filled with water the surface was uniform and very beautiful. The color has changed since curing but obviously we didn’t notice any...
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    Let the games begin...

    Yay! Hope all goes well
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    Horrible plaster job?

    Yeah, wait until the acid wash. You are seeing extra plaster on the surface that will come off during the acid wash. My acid was process was semi-involved. The guy acid washed it and then pressure washed it also. Took a few hours. It still looked a tiny bit splotchy after that but once...
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    Let the games begin...

    Yeah I agree with kimkats to remove the planter. We had one with our pool and just removed it with a remodel. The palm trees would drop seeds (and other debris) directly into our pool. It was so hard to keep the flower bed clean of weeds. Also we worried about the palm roots pushing against...