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    Tired of Manually Adding Liquid Chlorine

    I have a SWG in FL. Works great. I check my pool one time per week. It's affordable too if you have someone that can do the plumbing and you buy the SWG separately
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    The absolute best granite sealer

    Is this good for indoor countertops? I need to reseal mine at some point.
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    Disabling SWG

    Ha ha! I know the feeling. I have almost 4 year old twins and they don't listen to a word. Stop running, stop hitting your sister, blah blah blah. They hear for 10 seconds, then forget and resume activity.
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    Pool Build in Northern CA - flagstone!

    Beautiful stone work!
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    Disabling SWG

    Can't you just turn the power off on the console? I can turn mine completely off with just the "power" button (edge model)
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    And we are off...

    What happened with the light issue?
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    M.Acid Feeder with SWG

    I have a SWG and I test my pH weekly and it's almost always 7.8 (after 1 week of acid addition). I always need the same amount - 12oz per week. My point is the acid demand is not crazy so I agree/support wJimrahbe.
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    Construction just began- will I regret not going bigger?

    We have a 9500 gallon pool with the deep end being 5ft. Our young kids are very happy and it's enough for what you described (lounging/floats).
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    My New Old Pool Dig Out

    I'm not a builder or even pretend to know anything about building. However, I had my pool remodeled last year and they did the coping first, then the pool tile. When they grouted the tile, they sealed up any spaces between the coping and the tile at that time.
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    Stonescapes Mini Pebble - Still does not look right

    Did they do an acid wash the day after plaster application? It looks like too much creme (I think they call it). The acid wash the next day exposes the pebbles.
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    Skim Around for a Skimmer

    Mine works as advertised (vortex effect), however I have to keep my water level in a specific range (mid skimmer). If it's any higher than mid skimmer then it doesn't work and I have to throw a rock in the bottom to keep it from floating. At this time of year (rainy season), I just throw a...
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    Maybelle the Dolphin Nautilus - I'm gonna miss her.

    Awe, nice memory and name. Mine is just called "Sucky". So impersonal, but we can't change it down. It's learned it's name already.
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    SWG run time calculations assistance

    So just to contribute to the conversation because I find it interesting. I have an edge-40. I had the toughest time getting it dialed in with a few SLAMs due to erratically dropping FC (FC would hold for 2 days then drop suddenly). I finally treated for phosphates (tested at 2500+) and it's...