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    Pump is leaking. How do I fix this?

    Probably water draining out of filter causing the water flowing out. As others said, install a new o-ring and lube it well with silicone grease. They get old and lose elasticity.
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    Equipment upgrade order

    makes sense. Just remember it’s best to buy controller and pump from the same mfg to ensure full control- especially with solar as some systems will up flow rate while solar is running to ensure the pump can overcome head pressure pushing water to the roof.
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    Jandy Spa lighting - any thoughts on replacement?

    Sure is nice to save $600 and diy!
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    Jandy Spa lighting - any thoughts on replacement?

    They should. The internals are pretty bulletproof but bulbs don’t last that long. 5 yrs max I’d say. I’ve been doing bulb changes for awhile now and it keeps on going.
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    Jandy Spa lighting - any thoughts on replacement?

    Amazon sells them cheap. $8 for 10 pack. Buy 2 so you don’t have to chase them down next time! I’ve done mine twice now in 15 years. Make sure to buy and install a new lens gasket while you have it apart. Easy job!
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    Jandy Spa lighting - any thoughts on replacement?

    Just put new bulbs and a gasket in it.
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    Is a waterfall worth it?

    We have three sheer decent waterfalls built into or jumping steps. It’s nice and formal looking but it’s best use is in adding chemicals as it mixes up in the pool fast. Would I do it Again? probably so since cost for materials and labor was under $1k for everything.
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    Neon Green spots on Pebble tek

    Alge from lack of chlorine. what is the free cl level?
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    Do you think your quartz finish will last 20 years or better going with Stonescapes mini pebble? Has your Quartz lasted 20 years?

    18 years on pebbletec and still looks brand new. My guess is most of these warranties have too many stipulations which are really loopholes To prevent from having warranty claims. Imagine having to deal with the local chain pool store twice a month for 20 years trying to sell you unnecessary...
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    Natural Gas Pool heater Questions

    Bigger is better! Even heating a pool with a 400k will take a long time to make a difference!
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    SWCG recommendations

    Best solution for year round with minimal work is swg for the summer and in line tab chlorinator for the winter. Pool Maintenance is almost effortless!
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    Any advice on a good (but fairly portable) power sprayer for concrete pool deck?

    If you’re going it often get a gas one. Even the best electric one pales in comparison. I have both and the sunjoe 3600spx got high marks in consumer report as the best electric power washer under $125
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    Anyone feel like solving a pool mystery?

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!