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    Draining pool over winter - Normal?

    I have an issue with cats popping my pillows, so this year, I went a different route... What you see in the middle of the pool floating is actually a 55gal plastic barrel... Let's see them pop a hole in THAT! lol.
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    Anyone closed with a mesh cover and opened to crystal clear water?

    What my water looked like immediately after taking the cover off of it the year before last. Last year it was the same, but I just drained it because I was putting up a new pool.
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    Mesh or regular winter cover for Intex Ultra Frame?

    Here is a picture of mine. Sorry I didn't upload it last weekend, it was raining here.
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    Mesh or regular winter cover for Intex Ultra Frame?

    The micro mesh lets the water through, as a result, the leaves blow off with the wind. I do have a float in the center of it, and the bottles hanging from the cover keep it tight to the pool, and across the top, which helps. I will post a picture of it this weekend, as by the time I get home at...
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    Mesh or regular winter cover for Intex Ultra Frame?

    I have been using a micromesh winter cover for mine for the past 3 years, and LOVE it. I wish the trees were a hundred feet from my pool! Mine are over hanging my deck. I don't use the drawstring, I hang old bleach bottles from the cover to keep it in place through the winter...
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    Stenner installation with buried tank for AZ heat

    Nice work, but you are going to want to change out the white tube from your acid tank to the Stenner with some of the black (UV Resistant) tubing as well.
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    22' Coleman Swim Vista Pool

    I have a neighbor that was looking at my setup back in the spring, (24' Intex). He asked a bunch of questions, all of which I answered, but he never approached the subject of a Coleman pool with windows. He bought one of the Coleman pools, and is now dealing with window leaks. I told him to...
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    They are all pretty much the same, I built it in place, and "eyeballed" it across the pool as I went.
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    Mine isn't as nice as some that I see here, but it is mine, and I do like it... And YES, there is water in that pool! :)
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    My $25 auto chlorinator DIY project

    you could get the same tubing that is used for a Stenner, it is the right size, and the black is UV resistant.
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    Check if Google Photo works...

    The image above is from my google photos Right click on the google image, 'Open image in new tab', right click on the new tab image,'copy image address', paste that into the image box URL form.
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    Check if Google Photo works...

    let me try this...
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    Trying to find the balance to reduce acid addition with acceptable CSI

    From what I have gathered through my readings here on TFP, I have heard of new plaster pools having an insatiable appetite for acid in their first year of operation. I would like to suggest that you keep up with it for the next little while, and that it should settle down on its own given time...
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    Filter pressure gauge never changes - always 18 psi

    Does the gauge drop to 0 when the pump is not running?
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    Swimming Cat!

    I used to have a cat that would follow me into the shower, and sit there while I was showering.