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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    Mine isn't as nice as some that I see here, but it is mine, and I do like it... And YES, there is water in that pool! :)
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    My $25 auto chlorinator DIY project

    you could get the same tubing that is used for a Stenner, it is the right size, and the black is UV resistant.
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    Check if Google Photo works...

    The image above is from my google photos Right click on the google image, 'Open image in new tab', right click on the new tab image,'copy image address', paste that into the image box URL form.
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    Check if Google Photo works...

    let me try this...
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    Trying to find the balance to reduce acid addition with acceptable CSI

    From what I have gathered through my readings here on TFP, I have heard of new plaster pools having an insatiable appetite for acid in their first year of operation. I would like to suggest that you keep up with it for the next little while, and that it should settle down on its own given time...
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    Filter pressure gauge never changes - always 18 psi

    Does the gauge drop to 0 when the pump is not running?
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    Swimming Cat!

    I used to have a cat that would follow me into the shower, and sit there while I was showering.
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    Added DE to Sand Question

    I would only add it to the 1PSI increase point, and look at back-washing it when it runs at 25% past that mark. This method is done at the END of a slam, to "polish" the water, and get it crystal clear. Others will be sure to chime in if I am wrong.
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    Liquid Chlorine feeders

    I second the Stenner, but I skipped the 15 gallon tank, and buy mine 55 gallons at a time. :)
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    Need Advice Quick Please

    You could dig a shallow trench on the downhill side of the pool, leading away from the pool and fill it with gravel (aka french drain). That would allow the water someplace else to go instead of pooling up on the exterior of the pool.
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    Stenner installation with buried tank for AZ heat

    There are plenty of installs that have the tank in the basement of the house for the bleach. I would be nervous about having the acid tank in the house, those fumes are no joke.
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    I Just Got SLAM'd

    From what I can see, there are thousands of stories like this... I am one of them. Without this site, I would not have a pool right now. I would have given up on it. It was out of desperation that I found this site years ago, and it "CLICKED". I have never had a green pool again, and I open to...
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    Above Ground Pool Location Question

    I wouldn't put anything in your pool until you know that it is level enough to be safe. There's no sense in wasting it if you need to empty it and start again.
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    Maintaining FC

    Instead of "wasting" it, I prefer to say that I am making a sacrifice to the sun gods.
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    My DIY HomeBrew Pool Automation Controller

    That's a whole bunch of update!... But... The nagging question on my mind is just how much cooler your buried chlorine (aka bleach) is compared to outside temps.