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    TWO Stenner Pumps pulling acid from ONE Tank

    @Stenner Tech Support Do you have an answer for this one?
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    Stabilizer free chlorine pucks or tablets for skimmer OR good liquid chlorine dispersion method

    I second the Stenner. It is the 2nd best thing I have done for my pool. (The best was finding THIS site!)
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    winter float needed

    I second the barrel. That is what I use.
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    Does anyone go an entire swimming season without SLAMing their pool?

    I am also one that has NOT had to slam since finding TFP many moons ago. Before that, I was going through the all too familiar clean to green cycle a couple of times a year! I can't say enough good things about this forum, and the help they provide.
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    liquid Chlorine vs Bleach

    My wife gets me to pump out some of the 12.5% I use in the pool anytime she needs bleach. It is the same thing only stronger, and without the additives that you get in the laundry aisle.
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    New pool placement

    Congratulations! And NOW... let the WORK begin! Every time I move, I swear it will be the last time! I have moved approximately 60 times in my life... 8 different countries. I grew up an "Army Brat", and added to the confusion by joining the Air Force.
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    New pool placement

    It's Monday, and is PAST 9am. What is the latest status of the ongoing saga? You KNOW that we are all pulling for you to be in your new abode ASAP!
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    Stenner pump stopped working.....

    I have had mine in service for 4 years now without a problem. So yours is an anomaly if it is actually broken.
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    Any downside to a large pool? 24’x50’

    The first "Downside" I can think of is that EVERYONE you know, or have known in your life will want to come for a swim! :swim:
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    Arguing with a pool store guy...

    Your CYA is perfect for your area, but I tend to run closer to 60 here due to burn off from the sun. The pool store people are told that CYA is good up to 200ppm which we KNOW to be a problem! In fact, the higher your CYA is, the MORE they can sell you to "try" to fight the inevitable algae...
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    New Prism Pool can I block off one outlet

    I blocked off one of mine on my 24', but at the same time, I cut the openings bigger so I could put regular 1.5" fittings in. I would be wary of running a single small hose through the pump all the time. If you kept the old fittings from your other pool, you should be able to do the same thing I...
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    Biggest problem with TFP

    You could get a golden retriever, they stay in the pool so much that you won't see the bottom through the waves! 🤣
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    Installing replacement liner inside of Intex 18' metal frame

    I filled with water to just below the holes, then cut them out using a scalpel blade. I then attached my fittings, and prayed! To my surprise, NO LEAKS!
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    Adding a return line for I ground pool when replacing liner.

    @bdavis466 you might be able to advise here?
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    Help - pool legs wider at bottom than top

    This is normal, as long as they don't run off the outer edge of the pavers, you will be golden. :)