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    CYA Level for Summer

    I run mine at 60 for just that reason. Every pool seems to have a sweet spot for where it likes it to be.
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    New Deck - Contractor can't figure out how to install given pool design

    I have a friend that installs wooden walled in ground pools, I will check with him as to your best solution. But keep in mind that he is super busy right now, and it might be a couple of days until he gets back to me.
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    Family Members who own pools

    I actually had a family member tell me that "There is NO WAY you can know more about taking care of a pool than my pool service. They are professionals!" She actually said this as she was standing beside my crystal clear pool, complaining that hers turned green overnight.
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    Replacement Intex Vacuum parts

    I have the same skimmer you do. I use this... I leave my skimmer basket in the skimmer, and place this plate over it all... blue ring and all. That way the skimmer basket catches the large stuff.
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    Heavy Rain Wrecks My Pool!

    ... Is something I hear all the time from friends that are happy to be "Pool Stored". (After all there is NO WAY I can know more about pool care than a "professional".) I just shrug and mention that mine could use the refill. My Pool, after we just received 2"+ of rain within the past 15 hours.
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    TFP Meet the Expert!

    I wish my Starlink system was here so I could attend this, but alas, my current internet hookup is not good enough. :( I am looking forward to viewing the recorded session though.
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    First look at my new pool equipment. What is this thing?

    First let me welcome you to the BEST place to learn about pool maintenance on the net!:wave: Second, congratulations on the purchase of a beautiful pool, (that also comes with a house)! Last, Let me give you some links to some reading material. In my signature, you will find links to both "Pool...
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    Shrimp or copepods in pool?

    more good news is as your water warms up, they will die off.
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    Did the TFP store go away?

    Nope... but they would be aware that you are there to buy either hardware, or pool toys! I doubt they would even try selling you any chems. LOL
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    Green to Great - The Project Begins

    Any update on the progress of this pool?
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    Intex XTR rust?

    I installed mine 2 years ago, and have not seen the first sign of rust yet. :)
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    Green to Great - The Project Begins

    Keep your filter going, now is the time for what is called POP (Pool Owner Patience). Let the filter do its job in cleaning out the cloudiness. Remember to keep your SLAM levels up during this step.
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    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    This makes my 6th year doing this, I think I have a handle on it.:) My 55 gallon drum is buried beside the pool... keeps it cool, and out of direct sunlight. My bleach at the opening of each season is the same drum from last season, and is still plenty strong for a month or 2 until I run out and...
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    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    I went with the Stenner, and as I am seeing the price of the SWCGs going up, I am convinced that I made the right choice. But I buy my bleach 55 gallons at a time.
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    Green to Great - The Project Begins

    The robot will definitely help in not only cleaning the bottom, but will also help mixing the chlorine in the water.