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    In the planning stages...

    It's about time SOMETHING went right for you two! Congratulations on the nice pool.
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    In the planning stages...

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they either delivered the Wrong pool, or they dug the deep end on the wrong end! :ROFLMAO:
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    In the planning stages...

    I know that in this area, any load that is over size (over 13'6" tall, or 110" wide) is restricted to daylight operations only.
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    Can I break up solidified R0870 powder?

    When that happens to me, I use the tip of my pocket knife, or a stainless deck screw to scrape it back into powder. As long the powder is white, it is good to use.
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    A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation

    @kffolts the only thing I can see theat you are going to be changing in the NEAR future is the tube leading out of the discharge. That white tube does not stand up well in sunlight, and should be replaced with some of the black UV resistant tube within the year.
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    Stenner Pump Not Working

    The grease for the Stenner pumps is a non-petroleum product. I would not use anything that is petroleum based around plastics or latex. I don't know if you could substitute something like Magic Lube for it, or not. @Stenner Tech Support should be able to answer that question though.
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    Ladder Installed on Deck - Intex Pool

    You would REALLY have to re-enforce the mounts to ensure that it would support the weight put on it with someone on it to ensure that it did not contact the bottom of the pool.
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    Ladder Installed on Deck - Intex Pool

    This is mine. It works great! I have the ladder set so that when there is no weight on it, the bottom is about 1/2" (2mm) off the bottom of the pool.
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    What's the hottest your pool gets?

    The recorded highest temp so far this year was 89.6 no solar cover, and the pool gets partially shaded from sunrise to about noon by a big over hanging maple tree. The tree line to the west comes into play about 2hrs before sunset.
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    Unofficial, Official Hover Float Thread

    The best Hover Float shots I have seen were taken at night. (no shadows)
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    Do you always shower before going into the pool?

    I work as a mechanic - shop foreman - shop manager. I have been known to come home and strip off my clothes as I walk from my truck to the pool, and jump in to get the grit/grime/sweat off of me before going into the house.
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    Pool closing question if you use 55 gallon drum

    I use 550 cord and what is called a barrel hitch. The top of my barrels have weep holes that I attach another 2 550 cord lengths to, and place it using 3 tie downs. That way I can center it where I want it in the middle of the pool, and the cats can't move it. I will take pictures when I do it...
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    I think my 2 years old Inyo pump/vgreen motor is failing

    It sounds to me like you need to replace the bearings, and the seal. The motor itself is probably fine. :)
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    how to make 1.5" hose from pump to filter input port not leak at 0.5psi

    yes they are, but I get the stainless steel wire for about $15 for 200ft. So I don't care.
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    The Big Squeeze - Central Florida Pool Build

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always assumed that the reason for all the screened in pools in Florida was due to the over abundance of bugs that can, and WILL chase you out of a pool.