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    Pool Over-Drains After Heavy Rain

    It just means the drain line terminates out to an area away from the pool.
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    Pool Over-Drains After Heavy Rain

    If you figure it out, let me know. Mine does the same thing in a very heavy rainstorm. I have the same autofill drain setup as yours, the only difference is my drains to daylight.
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    New Pool Build Leander, TX(Austin) - Decking

    Our pool was built 2 years ago and has equalizer lines on both skimmers. It allows water to continue to flow through the skimmer in the event your skimmer basket becomes clogged. My skimmers have a door on the bottom that you can pivot over the equalizer hole to block it off if you want.
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    Trouble with Stabilizer

    I redid the stabilizer test using the drop test out of the FT-100 kit. I reread the directions and followed them to the "T". Still says 50ppm. I am at a lose of what I am doing wrong? And Where all my stabilizer went? You said you are using the drop test to check the stabilizer , are you sure...
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    New Pool in Houston, TX

    I can’t speak for the spacing of your rebar , that should be called out in the engineering plans for your pool. The 2 to 3 inches your questioning , I believe they are talking about how far the rebar is embedded in the Gunite.
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    Skimmer Socks

    I’ve had good luck with one gallon paint strainers.
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    Expansion Joint Pool Coping and Deck

    Depending how deep your joint is, you can use round foam backer rod at the bottom of the joint to keep the sealant from running out the bottom of the joint.
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    2” connected deck to bond beam okay?

    Had this same thing happen on my build. I didn’t want the decking to go from 2 inches to 4 inches , I figured that would be the perfect place to crack. I had them chisel the exposed Gunite at a 45 degree angle , put the spacer foam down , and then pour the deck. It’s been 2 years and so far so...
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    Flagstone Coping, Seal or Don't Seal

    Adding the salt is easy , both Home Depot and Lowe’s carry it. If you don’t have it already I suggest getting the Taylor K 1766 salt test. Pool math app will tell you how much to add. I would add less than recommended , wait 24 hours, and test again. That way you don’t overshoot your recommended...
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    Flagstone Coping, Seal or Don't Seal

    Hi Bill. Appearance wise the stone has kept its natural color , with no added sheen. The flagstone was holding up well till the Texas snow storm of 2021. I’m now seeing some flaking of the stone in some spots. I believe it has more to do with the freezing temps than with the salt. That being...
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    Optimal piping for intake and return to spa jets

    I have the Poolmiser and it works real well. It is actually an auto fill and overflow drain in one. It uses an equalizer tube about 18 inches below the water level , so wave action doesn’t cause water level to drop like an overflow grate mounted in the waterline tile does. It uses a simple...
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    They look like sleeves that go in the top of the skimmer to bring the lids level with the patio.
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    New In Ground Pool - NJ, Closing Time - have some questions

    If you know the amount of gallons in the spa , use pool math to figure you chlorine level for the amount of cya you have. Use your daily chlorine readings to determine your daily lose , then you can go back into pool math and go to effects of adding and it will tell you , depending on what swg...
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    New In Ground Pool - NJ, Closing Time - have some questions

    If you set the spa to run a few hours each day , you will need to set the temperature so the heater doesn’t come on when you are just filtering. Does the aqualogic allow you to set the swg to come on in spa mode?
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    New In Ground Pool - NJ, Closing Time - have some questions

    Mark explained it better than I did. You must go into the configuration menu to set up a group function for each time period that you want the spillover to come on. I had one extra aux relay so I was a able to set one time period for spillover from 1 - 2 pm. I have the prologic ps 4 and one of...