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    New Pool Owner

    Welcome Peter! I second the advice you've already been given and would also suggest you not use test strips at all. They are completely unreliable and will give you readings all over the chart. The only way to know for sure what's going on with your pool's chemistry is to learn how to test it...
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    Hello...New Member

    Hi Mike and welcome! This is a great forum with lots of helpful advice and information. Best of luck!:wave:
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    It is not algae... and vitamin C did nothing. These marks are a mystery, let's solve.

    Based on your picture (and my own experience with similar issues), it sure looks like copper staining to me. That could happen from using algaecides. I had to learn that lesson the hard way, many years ago, before I found this site. I would definitely get the Jack's Magic Stain ID kit to rule...
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    New Sand, Now Weak Return Flow

    Well, it turns out that my pool guy was right... apparently, it's normal to have to backwash a lot right after changing the sand in a pool filter. Old sand, new sand, DE, etc. can get stuck in the line. After about 10 backwashes over the past week, the problem is completely resolved and my...
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    New Sand, Now Weak Return Flow

    Okay, well, I kept chlorine at SLAM levels for over a week, but here are my latest test results: FAS-DPD FC -- 4.5 Total Chlorine -- 5.0 CC -- 0.5 PH -- 7.6 TA -- 100 CYA -- 30 Calcium Hardness -- 280 Temperature -- 72 degrees Water is crystal clear. No signs of algae, green or black. No...
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    New Sand, Now Weak Return Flow

    Thank you Felipe! Well, Jose has been our pool equipment guy for years and really knows his stuff, so I find it hard to believe it's that... In fact, he installed this filter when we first bought it. I guess anything is possible though. I'm just wondering if it could be anything else before I...
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    New Sand, Now Weak Return Flow

    Hi Everyone, It's opening season here in south Louisiana and I thought I was doing everything right. I got my levels stabilized and I used SLAM method to get my water crystal clear. However, we noticed that our filter wasn't working as well as it has in the past, and the suction seemed to be...
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    Help Finding Tablets

    Hi dielseman and welcome! :wave: Honestly, I only use pucks (tablets) when I'm in a pinch (going out of town or I've run out of liquid chlorine). I think you would benefit a lot from reading this: Getting Started and learning about the BBB (Bleach, Borax, Baking Soda) method. I switched over...
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    Pool Store Brand vs. Big Box Store Chlorine Pucks

    Hi Planoattorney, Hopefully, someone with far more experience than me will chime in with better answers for you, but I see no problem with taking your pool to shock level before you leave. That's typically what I do if I'm going to be out of town for more than a day or two. Beyond a week...
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    For those in the SE parts... how long do you run your pumps?

    I really feel like this is one of those "whatever works best for you" scenarios... A lot of factors can influence it: size of pool, amount of time in direct sunlight, region/climate where you live, how many trees around your pool, etc. I just know, for me, running it 24/7 during the summer...
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    For those in the SE parts... how long do you run your pumps?

    I live in southeast Louisiana and I learned, early on, to run my pump 24/7 during the hottest summer months. ;)
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    Pool is cloudy with green tint

    Hi Megan84! :wave: Welcome! Okay, first step: can you tell us a little more about your pool? Like, is it in-ground or above-ground? Plaster/Gunnite, Liner, or Fiberglass? Are you certain about the size? How do you chlorinate the pool? Do you have a saltwater chlorine generator or do you...
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    Pool Issues

    No worries! Take a deep breath. It can seem like a lot at first. I'm no chemist; my daughter is, but me? Ahem, no. ;) This website and forum are truly awesome... so much information, but don't get overwhelmed. Start with getting a good test kit and they will walk you through it. Before you...
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    Pool Issues

    Hi Ghosthoffa, That sounds really frustrating... How are you testing the pool? Whatever you do, don't rely on test strips or pool store tests, as they can both seriously mess you up (I speak from experience as do a lot of people here). If you don't have one already, you need to get a good test...
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    Under Construction in Tomball, TX...IG with fire feature

    @Court77375: WOW!! I love that!! I'm excited for you... So sorry about all the rain; I can relate! Keep us posted on your pool's progress. :)