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    Should I shock my pool regularly? or only as needed?

    Regular Shocking I suggest shocking regularly for a couple of reasons. 1. Shocking oxidizes oils and other contaminants that remain in the pool under "normal conditions" 2. Shocking raises chlorine levels to such that some chlorine resistant bacteria and algae will killed. Thank You,
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    Did I buy the wrong stuff?

    Thanks For The Buy! Thanks For The Purchase!
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    Planning a Vacation

    Solar Cover Solar Covers trap the ingredients that make algae grow. A solar covered pool with no FC will grow algae way faster than a pool with no solar cover that can gas off some of the algae's key ingredients for growth.
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    new numbers, am I doing something wrong?

    High CYA and Chlorine Sticks Good name brand Chlorine Sticks and Tablets effect PH way less than liquid chlorine and provide a steady dose of chlorine everyday. The fact is most people don't want to deal with testing and treating pool water on a daily basis. It isn't the fact that it is a...
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    metals in water

    Metals Your cartridge filter by itself is not filtering out any significant level of metals, but adding a charged cellulose (Jack's Magic Filter Aid, or BioGuard Sparkle Up) will help it catch the super fine metal particles. There is no way to lower CH, sorry, but have it professionally tested...
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    Planning a Vacation

    Vacation Care Vacation Rule #1. Solar Cover must be off or nothing will prevent problems. That out of the way, Shock the pool the day you leave, new pac in Frog and low speed pump I think you will be fine. Thanks.
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    metals in water

    Your Cartridge Filter. Hi there. In my experience cartridge filters won't remove copper at any kind of measurable rate. Sprinkling some D.E. , Sparkle Up, or Jack's Magic Filter Aid will help remove the Copper or Iron faster, but it won''t happen overnight. You definitely needed some metal...
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    new numbers, am I doing something wrong?

    Pool Care Methods I can't believe how many responses people are getting here. I think it is great. In my experience with liquid chlorine sharply decreasing levels are the name of the game. I think everyone would be better suited getting on some type of 3 step program of algaecide weekly...
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    There is something floating in my pool

    Organic Contaminate This definitely looks like an airborn contaminate and not a result of your pool balance. I would suggest a product like BioGuard Skim Mor that is coated with a product that will help remove it if it is oil based. Hope this helps.
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    Doughboy pump filter specs?

    Doughboy Dealer Having sold Doughboy equipment in my brick and mortar store for 20 years I can say that the equipment you have will be more than enough for a 24' Round Pool. Hope this helps.
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    Cloudy water

    Your Sand Filter Is Too Slow. Sand Filters are notorious for slow clearing of cloudy pool water. To speed up the process I would suggest water clarifier or for extremely fast results I like Floc Treatments. The floc will work fastest, but requires the most work (vacuuming up the settled...