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    Valve automation / DIY / SPDT relay / Z-Wave / Hubitat

    Did you ever get this to work? I am interested in one 2 way actuator valve that I can trigger open or closed using my SmartThings app via z-wave.
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    Looking for a cheap way to automate my pool valves for cleaner and spa

    Since moving into our new house I have been trying to automate as much pool maintenance as possible without breaking the bank. After getting some quotes around town I quickly found out that the pool automation game is tightly controlled by a few major players (Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, etc.) and...
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    Overwhelmed with attempt to automate pool pump

    I did this same project a few weeks ago. Documented here. It was fairly easy once I found out my old Intermatic timer was receiving 220V. Both my heater and pool pump receive 220V from the new GE smart switch, which I can fully control through SmartThings. Highly recommend this project, just...