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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    It should be the same. Those foam scrubbers don't last that long and I always just replace with the cheapest generic ones I can find on Amazon in a multi-pack. It's the blue plastic bit that seems to be doing the main thing to prevent the excessive spraying by diffusing the stream. I got...
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    Attach the Tailsweep Pro to the Polaris tail. That completely eliminated the spraying issue for me.
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    I really would like to get a robot but somehow I just can't make the numbers / benefits work to replace the Polaris either: I run my Polaris about 2 hours a day on average (probably more like 90 mins actually, but I'll roll with these numbers): That is 2.6kWh savings per day (2h x 0.2kW vs 2h...
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    Automated Testing

    There may be 280k members on the forum, but how many of those actually truly follow TFP methods regularly vs just signed up one time. Even if it is 280k faithful members, that's not a big market really and a pretty small fraction of all pool owners. On the whole that is not a very big market...
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    Automated Testing

    Interesting thread here. I think it would be great if there truly was a device that could accurately and reliably test my pool water to TFP standards instantly just by sticking a probe in the water. I'd buy that. However I doubt we would see something like this anytime soon. I just don't...
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    Cloudy pool, algae covered floor, no chlorine...

    Lowes and Home Depot usually carry CYA, but it's a bit pricey in my opinion - usually around $20 for 4lb. Academy sometimes has it cheaper, but it's hit or miss. I've found the best deals on Amazon in larger quantities, such as this one ($38 for 10lbs)...
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    Cloudy pool, algae covered floor, no chlorine...

    Check your Home Depot for their private label (HDX) muriatic acid that is sold in a box of 2 one gallon jugs. In my experience it's usually on a pallet somewhere outside and not in the paint department. This is absolutely fine for pools (even says it's for pH control right on the box). Not...
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    Tips and Tricks

    For those of us who don't have an auto-fill built into our pools. Make your own with with a cheap and simple float valve intended for cattle troughs. Hook up a garden hose and voila! This will also...
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    Heavy Rain Wrecks My Pool!

    We definitely get our fair share of heavy rain events here in the Houston area. When it gets really heavy I do freak out a bit as the overflow drain can't keep up and water starts to get dangerously close to the coping. I've never seen it go over the coping, but I'm guessing it's just a matter...
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    Cloudy water, running pump 24/7 for over 3 weeks

    Wow! I have never seen a pool store water report before so I'm a bit shocked by this. Just wow! I hope they're not all like this..... :brickwall: You've come to the right place and the fine folks here will help you out and get that pool clear again. Study up on the pool school articles and...
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    What's your PERFECT pool temp? What's the minimum for you to jump in?

    Low to mid 80s is ideal. Mid 70s and up is fine. I'll get in for a bit from upper 60s on. That's tolerable and not really fun, but it's okay if I'm moving a lot - e.g. swimming laps. Once it's above 90 I pretty much only go in at nights or early mornings. That lasts a good 2 months or so...
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    got a free refill curtesy of SE TX spring rains
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    Can water chemistry affect pool plaster ?

    How long ago did you get the TF-100 and how old are those reagents? I just learned the hard way that reagents do go bad and will give poor results if not replaced regularly.
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    New Pool in Houston, TX

    I have the exact same setup at my house. The entire house including all of the spigots on the house exterior have soft water from the softener, and only the sprinkler system is regular hard water. I had the pool builder plumb a couple of outdoor spigots next to the equipment pad off the...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    78 yesterday afternoon and 76 earlier today. I went for a quick dip after my run this morning.