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    Winter Cover sizing

    I have a 24' round AG pool and last winter we had a 24' winter cover on it. Even though I tied milkjugs to it, the wind would billow under it and over the winter it rubbed the finish off some of the aluminum top plates. The cover barely went over the edge of the top plates in most locations...
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    Solar Heat Panels

    Interesting point dschlic1. I added a 4x20 one piece panel to our pool this spring (ground level). I have a 1 hp single speed Hayward pump which pumps about 50-75gpm. The pressure on the sand filter shows a gain of about 2 lbs. The manual for the panel states the increase should be no more...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    I always wondered why our pool was cooler than a friend of mine's. Today, I tossed another thermometer in the pool. The one that we had been using said it was 84. The new one said it's 92. Guess I know why our pool was cooler now. :-D
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    good price for bleach?

    One local Walmart has the 172 oz 6% Value bleach for $1.25. In the other local stores, it's $2.28. I don't know why the difference, but I'm happy with that price.
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    Anyone purchase a Solar Heater from Ebay

    Poolman Solar heater Has anyone bought one of these units? If so, I'd be interested in your review. I'm looking at either adding a Fafco unit (4x20) or this unit. I'm thinking a one 4x20 unit is better than 2 2x20 units since there would be less connectors. Thanks
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    What's the risk of 0FC for a day

    Thanks guys, I'll keep in mind the bacteria and will raise the FC in the AM of those heavier use days.
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    What's the risk of 0FC for a day

    I run my pool with a CYA of 30 and keep the FC around 3 or so. On a day like today with heavy swimmer load and lots of sun, I will check the pool at 8AM and it will have 3 FC but by 4PM it's down to 0 FC. If I load back up the clorine to 4 - 5 FC, what's the best guess of running into a...
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    Where NOT to buy bleach

    I have 3 Walmarts within an hours drive of each other. The Ultra Bleach 174oz bottles are $2.25 at two stores. The third store has it for $1.25. Heck, on the next shelf down, they have the 3 Qt bottle for $1.19, which is the same price as the other two stores for that size. So, I've...
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    Duration Capsules

    FWIW.. Walmart carries the Duration pucks, which think are 46% instead of the 60+% ones that had a wrapper around them.
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    Wier really needed?

    The PB installed a Skimsaver Lid'L'Seal (Link here) on my skimmer. Due to the fit of it, they didn't put the wier in the skimmer. After looking at it tonight, I think I could get the wier to fit in the holes as the holes are partially covered by the Lid'L'Seal. Is it really worth the effort...
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    Sand Filter issue with cloudy dust

    It was replaced with another Hayward 166T. If I had to do it over again, based on the reading here and PF, I'd probably request a larger filter for added filtration. Just curious but: Have you called Sta-Rite about it? What do they say? Do you have Zeo or Sand? Do you run it 24x7 or on a...
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    Sand Filter issue with cloudy dust

    To give an update and closure on this issue, the PB came out and replaced the filter and put in new Zeobrite media. Later that day, I vacuumed off the dirt/zeo/whatever off the bottom of the pool. That was two days ago, and I just checked tonight and I have just a couple little spots where I...
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    Sand Filter issue with cloudy dust

    Thanks Kurtv and Matt.. Yeah, HDTV's comments made a lot of sense to me. I have a 1HP Powerflo Matrix pump with the Hayward 166T filter that hold 100lbs of sand. I assume they added 50lbs of Zeo. Also, I can cut down the pressure by turning down the skimmer shut off valve.. I think the...
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    Sand Filter issue with cloudy dust

    After giving it some more time, I'm calling the PB again tomorrow to look at the filter and/or replace. We lost power at the house and the filter went from 21lbs last night back to clean pressure of 18lbs when I came home. Of course, the pool bottom has junk on the bottom again. Sigh...
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    Sand Filter issue with cloudy dust

    Thanks Jason and Matt for the replies. To followup with a question then based on what Matt wrote: Is the reason why it released was not due to the pump being shut off, but more due to me setting the filter / skimmer to OFF thereby releasing the pressure of the water in the pool? My point is...