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    Some questions /thoughts about CYA

    Instead of looking at tube while adding the mix, I like to add to 100 level, lower and glance at the dot. If I see it add to next line, glance again. Do this until you can’t see dot. You can pour the mix back into bottle, shake and do this multiple times to get an average if you wish.
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    New Pool Owner

    Welcome to TFP! :)
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    Beyond Frustrated

    Hopefully an expert will have some helpful advice, but from past posts I don't think there is much you can do. Public pools are a different animal. Most do not acknowledge the CYA/FC relationship. You will need to check on the regulations and policies for your area.
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    Cloudy Pool

    I would slam it. See pool school. Quick one now before turns green.
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    Newbie from VT

    Welcome to TFP! :)
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    After recent update, PoolMath forgets partially entered measurements

    I occasionally lose signal so I usually save after every entry or perform a couple tests then enter and save. By selecting "logs", then selecting the last line of logs you entered, you can add to the same line of data.
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    Still green

    Missed the information in your sig, was on phone and didn't turn sideways. My bad! Sorry, the too much chlorine/bleach comment was referring to how much you would have to use with such a high CYA. See link to chart below. CYA/Chlorine chart Even at 25ppm you are not high enough for a slam, so...
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    CYA won't go up

    Unless you have a LOT of aeration it won't happen very fast. Maybe re-check in 8 to 12 hours or so. Unless your bored! :)
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    Help with algae!

    Not an expert but, Maintain FC of 16 or above for CYA of 40 until you pass the OCLT. Check level & brush as often as you can. I think I read that phosphates are not much of an issue if FC maintained, haven't run into that issue myself. Probably worry about that later after cleared up or...
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    Levels adequate; Water still cloudy

    We generally don't use algicide or clearing agents. It may be just verbiage but we don't shock we SLAM. See pool school for slam steps. We also perform our own tests, not trusting pool stores, they are not consistent and generally want to sell you items you don't need. See link in my...
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    SLAM in one day?!?

    Lucky dog! :) The "almost" completely clear is only concern I see. Keeping FC on the high side for your CYA level probably a good idea though for few days, just for comfort sake.
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    Losing Confidence In Slam Process

    Any place small areas of algae could hide? Niches, ladders, supports etc?
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    CYA won't go up

    Give the stabilizer some time before testing for it, maybe 24 hours or so. CYA test is somewhat subjective so can vary a little. I usually run the same sample 3 or 4 times and take an average if they differ very much. For FC test use 10ml and one scoop powder, multiply drop result by .5...
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    What a headache

    I would at least weed whack as you said. You can make a water level to see how far off it is. Several links here...
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    Help with algae!

    Have you checked any niches or around the ladder for algae? Sometimes even if pass oclt there are hidden areas with some algae. Not enough to fail test but enough to allow for slow algae build up or take advantage of a short term low chlorine.