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    New from Hernando Beach, Florida. Retired HS teacher and I love to tinker with stuff.

    If you want to tinker...DON’T use Trouble Free Pool! You will get bored. Instead, do the opposite of what they recommend so you will be kept busy buying magic potions and fighting algae! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Help with choosing a robot for Intex AGP

    We have had a Dolphin for about 3 years now. No regrets!
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    Concerns about closing my older fiberglass pool at shock level

    Check here too:Closing an in ground pool
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    New Hot Tub Owner Figuring It Out

    Welcome to TFP! :wave:
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    Welcome to TFP! :wave:
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    Plan for full water exchange using tarp

    Sounds like a well thought out plan to me! You may want to be in the 2 or 3 gal/min range though. 8k gallons/1gal min =133 hour exchange. 2 gal/min 67 hours 3 gal/min 44 hours Good luck on your mission! :)
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    Just curious, why saltwater vs chlorine?

    Also realize that most pools get a build up of salts anyway. Some have found their salt levels 1000ppm+ without ever adding salt. With the evaporation levels and water replacement in TX, probably not as common though.
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    Intex Air Intake Leaking

    I would remove it and put in a plug or wrap electrical tape around it like I did. No need to use it except when trying to aerate to raise PH, which doesn't happen very often!
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    Switch to SWG?

    Little to no difference between salt water pool and other chlorination methods as far as repairs. Unless you drain frequently, non SWG pools build up salts anyway. I can’t think of a reason to avoid SWG except that it works so well some get lackadaisical about testing FC and get burned a bit...
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    SW Missouri "Hilltop Hideaway" backyard paradise

    Pool looks awesome! Jealous over here, we just have an Intex AGP. Shouldn’t hijack build thread but: What is cya test? FC if 3 probably low not high. With SWG CYA should be 70 or 80, with target FC of 5 and 6 respectively. Minimum wording in chlorine/cya chart a bit don’t...
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    Been lurking here a while

    :goodjob: :lovetfp:
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    Hello from SW Missouri!

    Welcome to TFP! :lovetfp: Lucky you, finding TFP before having any issues! The experts here are awesome. Knowledgeable and helpful...and FREE! You will need your own test kit. I suggest the TF100 with speed stir, but the Taylor K-2006C is a good one too. Testing is not hard to do and...
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    Suction or pressure side cleaner?

    We didn’t have either, skipped straight to a robot and glad we did!
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    Trying to figure out what to do first - CYA high, Ph a little high, FC low

    Chlorine! 😀 Maintain 5-7ppm normal conditions. Lower PH to 7.2 or so with muriatic acid, which will lower your TA a bit too. 16ppm for slam.