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    Liner replanced, refilled pool with tap water, TA very high

    An expert will chime in soon I imagine. Need CL asap. Dont want you to start out with an algae bloom! I would add enough dry stabilizer to get to 30 cya using sock method. Add bleach to get to 4 or 5ppm right away. Worry about ta ph later. Yes aerate to raise ph without raising ta. No rush...
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    "Dead zone" in 22' Intex AGP.

    I take our water sample from the far side of the pool from the pump. After getting some weird FC readings, I realized that I had sampled near our pump instead of my normal spot and the FC was higher there. The pump area is also somewhat shaded from a large tree, so maybe 1/3rd of the pool may...
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    Intex air jet valve... Why? How to plug it?

    I removed mine and used electrical tape wrapped around the pipe and opening. I remove it when I need to raise ph.
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    is all bleach from retail stores 6% now?

    Some of the bleach without % listed are 3%. Discovered that at dollar store. Also wasn't a full gallon.
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    FC is 0

    When you get a chance, put your pool information in your signature. It helps the experts, and saves repeating in every post. 😁 I also subscribe to the pool math app. Helps on calculations and maintains a log of tests and chemical additions. I forget, maybe $8 year, something like that.
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    FC is 0

    Not an expert, but yes CL asap! My suggestion swg off and slam until pass oclt. FYI, in future you can supplement the swg with bleach if find readings below cya/fc chart. A swg can't produce cl quickly enough when cl is way low or for a slam.
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    New pool and water testing

    Check out pool school on this site. Get your own test kit at an expert will chime in soon I'm sure. It will help them if you put your pool information in your signature, similar to mine. If you are on a phone, turn sideways to see mine. Good luck and welcome to tfp!
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    Waiting On New Pump, Temporary Filter Possibility?

    I would think adding CL and circulating the water with a sump pump would be sufficient unless you already have debris that you are worried about. Possibly raising CL to slam if you are worried. Of course brushing and hand skimming while you are getting wet in the hot weather is an option too! 😁
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    Turn off SWG when shock pool?

    I am not an expert, but am curious as to why you raised CL level because it was hot out? If your CL level stays in sync with your cya level, you shouldn't have any problems with algae because of temperature. If you are worried, perform an oclt. Check out pool school for details.
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    Running new electric

    I havent read the arrivals above, but you can talk to an electrician. They can calculate wire size to reduce voltage drop over whatever distance. 10-2 wont be big enough.
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    CYA levels not consistent

    Ordered more cya reagent yet? Have you tried reading the same sample multiple times to see if your readings are consistent? You can dump the tube back in squeeze bottle, shake and read again.
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    CYA levels not consistent

    I am not an expert, but would try that first. Maybe buy a cya standard solution to help calibrate yourself too. The solution is labeled with what the cya is. You then take readings yourself to verify you are reading correctly. Helped me be more comfortable with my readings.
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    New Pool Owner - 1 Month In

    Pool math will tell you what the addition will do. I had to adjust volume of pool when I started out. Depending on rain etc., still not perfect but close enough.
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    Welcome to TFP! 😁 Stole this from another member
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    New pool owner...trouble with chemistry.

    We have swg and like it. Fairly easy once dialed in. (Output vs consumption) Generally cost is about the same, you are paying upfront for salt and swg is all. Read up on swg though, most (me) buy one too small not knowing what we needed. So we supplement with chlorine every day or so...