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    I'm back too!

    I don't remember what its called but go to the resort that has the sunken ruins... Its a blast to snorkel among the calcified fallen columns in turquoise hued hot spring fed water.
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    New Still learning this method glad to find y’all

    The tests are the same.. Both are Taylor based tests. However the TFTest kits have a different proportion of reagents that are more suited to the kind of testing we do here. Given the choice I would get the TFtest kits. I am partial to the Pro version of the kits. They come with a stirrer which...
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    Break up with the pool store

    Right.. but the OP has cloudy water and we are expecting he will have to SLAM... so getting his CYA down to 40-ish will help him SLAM without having to buy all the Chlorine in the state. If everything was hunky dory, living with a CYA of 80 ppm is possible.
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    Replacement SWG

    If there is no power going to the box (have you tested it with a volt meter?) then perhaps start testing your breakers. If you got hit with lightning who knows what got fried.
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    New Still learning this method glad to find y’all

    The Slam process is an easy concept... you raise your FC to a level shown on the and keep it there until you pass three criteria... water is clear, you can pass the and your CC is less than .5, that's it! But you need to be able to monitor your chlorine level. That's where the test kit comes...
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    I'm back too!

    If @kellyfair can announce her vacation return so can I ;) For the first time in 20-25 years I took an off the grid vacation. Which was no small task for a sole proprietor IT shop. I had to enlist the help of three other IT colleagues to cover my client base. We spent 5 days kayaking the San...
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    generic SWG question

    Sounds like it... you should be able to figure out how much FC your SWG will put out using for your runtime. Unless you are battling algae too it should be pretty close.
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    TFP Expert Discussion - Pumps, Filters, Heaters

    @zea3 ... Here is another classic!
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    TFP Expert Discussion - Pumps, Filters, Heaters

    My favorite gizmo from that era was a 56K set top modem that also logged into my AOL account and shared the connection across my WFW network. Its in a box somewhere to be displayed in my tech museum next to my ole KayPro luggable.